“Two guys who insisted…”- Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Calls Out Tom Cruise and James Cameron for Missing the Oscars Ceremony

“Two guys who insisted…”- Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Calls Out Tom Cruise and James Cameron for Missing the Oscars Ceremony

Jimmy Kimmel has taken notes from last year’s Oscar ceremony and is not holding back this time around time. With one joke per minute, the late-night host is packing punches. Although fans predicted a jibe at last year’s show-stealer, Will Smith, Kimmel has left everyone surprised with his jibe at Tom Cruise and James Cameron. That the host would be throwing a jibe at the Top Gun: Maverick actor was unpredictable as he made a signature Tom Cruise landing on the stage.

As one headed into the award season, whether Top Gun: Maverick and Avatar: The Way of Water would be nominated at the Oscars was not even a question as the movie went on to become a commercial success. And sure enough, the action and the animation extravaganza earned five nominations at the Academy Awards 2023. None of which were the Best Actor or Best Director. But that is not a good enough reason for Jimmy Kimmel to let the actor-director duo off the hook.

Jimmy Kimmel unimpressed with Tom Cruise and James Cameron as they skip Oscars 2023

Top Gun: Maverick, although an action thriller, was an ode to the magic of the cinema that we knew before the pandemic. After the pandemic, not many movies have managed to get people out of the comfort of their homes and into the theatres, but Cruise and Cameron’s movies did. Therefore, everyone and their moms resonated with Jimmy Kimmel when called the actor out for not attending the Academy Awards 2023. “Two guys who insisted we go to theatres didn’t show up,” Kimmel said, earning a roar of applause from the audience.

With a box office collection of more than $1.4 billion, it became the highest-grossing film in Cruise’s legendary career. Moreover, James Cameron who spent years perfecting the sequel to his groundbreaking movie, Avatar, also did not show up.

Why is Tom Cruise not at the Oscars 2023?

Cruise, despite arguably being the face of Hollywood, does not have a single Oscar to his name. All the more reason for him to attend the Oscars 2023, where Top Gun: Maverick bagged numerous nominations.

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But the actor has continued his streak of not attending any big awards this season despite his successful run. Cruise was absent from the Golden Globes as well. The actor cited Mission Impossible 8 filming overseas as a reason, although he did pause the filming to attend King Charles’ coronation on May 6th.

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