Twitter Responds To Netflix Blocking Users For Elliot Page

Twitter Responds To Netflix Blocking Users For Elliot Page

Portraying the role of Viktor Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy as a suppressed sibling with chaotic powers. Whose troubled emotions transcend sound into energy. The Canadian actor Elliot Page received numerous accolades and got nominated for Oscar for his performance in Juno (2007). Apart from the fame, Elliot got from the show he has been a highlight in the news. Because he came out as transgender and changed his name. Netflix supported the decision of the actor to change his identity from the beginning. When Page himself praised the streamer for handling things lightly and working according to his comfort. 

Netflix is inspiring a compassionate environment for people like Elliot Page

Streamer has been a truthful friend to Elliot since he came out. So they assured the actor feels comfortable and that everyone has happily accepted the choices he made for himself. Also, they did major changes to the script including his character’s name concerning his emotions connected to the new identity. Because in season 1, Page was depicted as Vanya Hargreeves which got changed to Viktor Hargreeves in season 3. 

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Meanwhile, Netflix once again came up with the idea to celebrate the transformation of Elliot’s image and presented it in a very sweet gesture on Twitter. The official Geeked Week posted photos of Page with his name captioned several times in it. The tweet stated they would block people who use his deadname on social media. 

Through this post, Netflix made it evident that Elliot must be respected for choosing his authentic self rather than hiding behind the door. For instance, we saw a completely transformed Page in the recently released season where his hair is short. While his siblings Luther and Diego throw him a party so he could feel loved after telling his family about his true inside.

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Therefore, Netflix’s display of gratitude has made a vast change as people accepted Elliot Page and praised him for showing such courage being a public figure. All the seasons of The Umbrella Academy are streaming on Netflix Original directed by Steve Blackman.

Fans are reacting to Netflix’s sweet gesture for Elliot 

Let’s see what fans have to say about Netflix’s post for Elliot’s transformation and new hairstyle

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