Twitter Is Having a Meltdown Over Fanmade Magazine Cover of Millie Bobby Brown and Louis Partridge

Twitter Is Having a Meltdown Over Fanmade Magazine Cover of Millie Bobby Brown and Louis Partridge

Millie Bobby Brown and her Enola Holmes co-stars like Louis Partridge and Henry Cavill have set the internet on fire in recent days. The team dropped the second installment of the detective saga surrounding the younger Holmes earlier this month. Ever since then, fans have all gone crazy about the actors and their on-screen chemistry. The edits of the acting dynamos overwhelmed the fans so much that a bunch of them have come up with bizarre yet most wanted theories and crossovers. 

Recently, a Twitter piece has gone viral, which apparently brought together Brown‘s Enola and her on-screen love interest. Louis Partridge plays Enola’s partner, Viscount Tewkesbury, in the film. In the sequel, Tewkesbury once again assists Enola with her mysteries. The trailer, which was dropped months prior to the actual release, also suggested the proper beginnings of a romance between the two. 

Fan edit shows Millie Bobby Brown and Louis Partridge for Vogue

While we could wait for a third installment to see them engaged, some fans on Twitter could not. Manifesting their romance, a tweet edited the two stars in an affectionate gesture. The framework jokingly declared them as the new Vogue magazine cover features as Brown gently wraps her hands around the charming Louis Partridge. Seeing the two lovers come together on social media, if not on their screens, was overwhelming for the fandom. 

One of the many commentators kept aside their embarrassment and vouched for the couple. In fact, some of them also commented on how the two stars should consider getting married in real life. 

Translation: “I know it’s really pushy but they’re really funny and especially when recently the Enola movie was really really funny 😭”

Translation: “I don’t care about editing or not, that’s obvious, pls, Louis, let’s get married right now honey, I’m forcing it.”

Some others jokingly remarked how the viscount should not take such pictures with Enola as they have his grandma on the set.

Translation: “There’s no way Louis was allowed to take photos with young career women by his grandmother, definitely not allowed.”

Translation: “There’s no way for sure that Louis’ aunt would go berserk if this happened.”

Translation: “It seems impossible that Louis’ grandmother would allow him to break up with her, but your edits are great.”

Millie Bobby Brown and co-star Louis in Enola Holmes became fast friends soon after their first screen test together. Talking about their professional relationship, Louis once expressed how Brown has a great way of making you feel completely at home. From his side, he has always felt like they have known each other for ages. In fact, the star exclaimed how very grateful he was for acting alongside her.

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How do you like them together on screen? Watch the duo’s latest blockbuster, Enola Holmes 2, only on Netflix.

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