Twitter Gushes With Desparate Fans Demanding Ryan Reynolds Rom-Com Era to Make a Comeback

Twitter Gushes With Desparate Fans Demanding Ryan Reynolds Rom-Com Era to Make a Comeback

At this point, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is not just an actor. After having received much acclaim from his top-tier movies, the star has gone from being a Hollywood actor to an entrepreneur with his business spread all over. Knocking off wrongdoers in his red and black cape suit has been the face of the star for a while now. However, fans do not seem to be picking up well to this gesture. 

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Although his potential and edgy superhero alters ego has been on top charts of the internet, hardcore Reynolds fans long for the age-old soft boy era of the hero with his romantic comedy movies.

Twitter is currently trending with fans gushing about the age-old classics by the Canadian actor. In the infancy of his career, Reynolds starred in various rom-com which has still got the fans drooling. For instance the Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock rom-com, The Proposal is one of a kind. The 2009 award-winning movie is still one of the top demands the bird app has ever seen. 

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Others that more or less did justice to the age-old classic come nowhere near the star’s finesse. Nonetheless, the craze for all of his roles played as a romantic hero tops the internet for the day. And given his latest inclination towards Marvel and the comic superhero genre, fans seem too long for the older Ryan Reynolds even more. 

Fans long for Ryan Reynolds Rom-com Era to come back 

The fan reactions that have been flooding the internet for a while now can speak for themselves. As mentioned earlier, fans have still not recovered from the Reynolds and Bullock starrer and this also “beg” for more. 

Someone was even of the opinion that “Ryan Reynolds could save the theatrical rom-com if he wanted to and that’s my hot take of the day” 

Owing to his brilliant intellect in the field of acting, a user even commented that Reynolds should buy the Sens and help them write an R-rated rom-com. 

What are your opinions on the same? Do you wish for a Reynolds love story once again? Let us know in the comments below. 

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