Twitter Erupts on the Most “Hardcore Thing” Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Ever Said

Twitter Erupts on the Most “Hardcore Thing” Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Ever Said

Arnold Schwarzenegger is regarded as a man with commendable talent in not just one but three fields. The now 75-year-old retired Governor of California first made a name for himself as a bodybuilder. And Schwarzenegger’s bodybuilding career is no ordinary one. He has an entire sports festival named after him that comes second to only decades old prestigious, Mr. Olympia.

After resigning as a bodybuilder, Schwarzenegger made his way into the movies and in no time became one of the most popular actors that Hollywood had seen. And then came his term as the Governor of California. Amidst all of this, Schwarzenegger remained an icon to many not just because of his career but also because of his views. The actor turner governor was never afraid to share his thoughts on what many would consider a tricky subject. There is a reason why despite the ever-moving tide of time, Schwarzenegger has maintained a steady fanbase. And his core views may have a huge part to play in that.

What did Arnold Schwarzenegger have to say about the Nazis?

Schwarzenegger is an Austrian-born who later immigrated to America. In politics, Schwarzenegger identifies as a Republican or as a member of the Grand Old Party. Furthermore, the actor once revealed that around the time that he was growing up in Austria, people around him were dealing with the aftermath of the Second World War. Schwarzenegger expressed that he was surrounded by “Men who came home from the war filled with shrapnel and guilt, men who were misled into a losing ideology.

His views on the Nazis came as a surprise to many because they are quite contrasting to the general view of the Republicans. The former Governor of California further added “they’re resting in hell“.

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Schwarzenegger’s stance as a Republican is not the only reason why his views come as a surprise. The actor’s father, Gustav Schwarzenegger, was a member of the Sturmabteilung.

For those of you who do not know, Sturmabteilung is the original paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party. The former Mr.Olymia’s views on Nazis played in his favor. After a user named @Maladroithe shared the most “hardcore thing Arnold Schwarzenegger has ever said” fans were all praises for the Terminator actor. Moreover, this is not the first time that the actor has referenced back to his Nazi-stricken childhood. After the Capitol attack, the actor shared a video expressing disappointment over the attack and talking about the Nazi tragedy.

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