Twitter Divided as ‘Wednesday’s’ Jenna Ortega Is Set to Host SNL Alongside Pop Group the 1975

Twitter Divided as ‘Wednesday’s’ Jenna Ortega Is Set to Host SNL Alongside Pop Group the 1975

Jenna Ortega has been basking in the glory of her hit show Wednesday. Ever since the series was released last year, the show has propelled the cast, especially the lead actress, to superstardom. Although fans were worried whether she could justify the role that Christina Ricci immortalized, Ortega put all the concerns to rest. 

Now with her newfound fame, the actress is taking baby steps and trying her hand at hosting too. She is soon going to debut on the long-running Saturday Night Live. The boy band The 1975 will also be joining to lend some support to the young actress. While hosting SNL is a wonderful opportunity, Twitter is rather divided in its opinion on the news! 

Twitter reacts to the news of Jenna Ortega hosting SNL with The 1975

Saturday Night Live recently revealed that Jenna Ortega and The 1975 will host the show on March 11. The actress’ debut on the show directly coincides with the release of her film, Scream VI in theaters. While this is a first for the Wednesday star, this will be the boy band’s second appearance on the show. The fans of the Gen-Z star are delighted with the news. However, others are kind of displeased over it. 

We do not know what SNL has planned for Ortega. But we can speculate considering the recent skits that SNL had involving famous actors. Recently, Pedro Pascal appeared to parody his character in The Last of Us. Austin Butler did something similar. Hence, it is highly likely that Ortega will take part in a parody of her show, Wednesday. Also, she can surprise her fans and parody another famous character. 

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The Wednesday schedule was hectic 

Ortega may be synonymous with Wednesday now, but she definitely put in the work to make it happen. Apart from preparing for every scene and not blinking to make her character look colder, she also took fencing and cello classes. 

After spending almost 14 hours on set, she would come home exhausted but had to attend zoom meetings. At times, filming would also take place on the weekends, and she would have to reach the set two hours early. The Scream star was so stressed that she would end up pulling her hair out and hysterically crying, unable to deal with the pressure anymore. 

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