Twitter Bursts With Reactions For ‘Alice In Borderland’ Season 2 “I waited for this for two years!”

Twitter Bursts With Reactions For ‘Alice In Borderland’ Season 2 “I waited for this for two years!”

As the year comes to a dramatic end, Netflix has planned to keep its viewers grounded throughout the year-end celebrations. Accompanying the fans on Halloween, Christmas, and many others, with frosty movies and series, the American Streamer has now added a Thriller web series to the shelf. Fans awaiting the same have gone out-of-the-box crazy to finally be able to witness their characters survive the dreadful game. Alice in Borderland is what we are talking about. 

The series returned to the Streamer with a second season the previous day and acquired worldwide fame in no time. The Japanese science fiction thriller was first aired at the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic and was a perfect fit for audiences to relish the suspenseful game of life and death. Once again, walking with us into the new year, the series has released its second installment and the fan following has already gone wild over it on social media. 

Fans gush over the second season of Alice in Borderland 2

The 8-part-thriller series stars Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya in their lead roles. The Shinsuke Sato-directed series gives the viewers a full-on mysterious ride as an aimless gamer and two of his friends are stuck in the wild, exploring their chances to escape the deadly game. Fans meanwhile have showered their love for favorite characters and plots. Others cannot stop gushing about the subtle and dark cinematography used as the background.

Translated Tweet: “Alice in Borderland fandom coming back Thursday when season 2 launches”

Age-old fans who had been desperately waiting for the second series to land on their screens went on a hilarious meme-fest. While others instantly viewed the thriller and added their reviews. Some are under the notion that the second installment released a few hours ago was far better than the first with perfect graphics, matching cinematography, and an engaging storyline. 

Translated Tweet: “ok so I just finished Alice in Borderland season 2 and how can I say that it’s a masterpiece a masterclass better than the first season wide the end is unexpected anyway I’m going to do a second spoiler there it’s just for you chicken hype that came out 🗿“.

Translated Tweet: “it’s already 4 am and Netflix doesn’t release the 2nd season of Alice Borderland, I don’t understand“.

Translated Tweet: “here man was amazing

Translated Tweet: “My BB got shot If he dies I drop Alice in Borderland

Desperate fans who did not get the series on time stated how they were up until 4 am for Netflix to give them the much-awaited surprise. Some did not seem to stop gushing for their favorite character of the season. 

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Alice in the Borderland streams now on Netflix. Have you watched the series yet? If yes, share your reviews with us in the comments below. 

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