Twenty Five Twenty One Cast Plays Mafia Game and Reveals They Are All Extreme Introverts!

Twenty Five Twenty One Cast Plays Mafia Game and Reveals They Are All Extreme Introverts!

It is the amazing chemistry between the cast members that translates to the screen in their new youth drama, Twenty Five Twenty One. The atmosphere is cheerful as they play games, prank, and tease each other. They are close especially, Kim Tae Ri (Na Hee Do) and Bona (Ko Yu Rim) on the show. They are frenemies on the Netflix show, but in real life, these two get along well, considering how Tae Ri feeds Bona free snacks. The quartet played a fun Mafia Game that got a bit more intense by the end of the show!

Twenty Five Twenty One cast betrays each other in the Mafia Game 

Each player picks a card containing a keyword. Mafia is the one that picks a card without a keyword. As the game begins, each player gives hints relating to the keyword. If the mafia guesses the keyword correctly, he wins and the citizens win if they identify the mafia. 

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In the very first game, Nam Joo Hyuk (Baek Yi Jin) literally gives his identity as a mafia away when he says the most ridiculous thing. He thought the keyword was Netflix when it was sun all along. Not wanting to be the mafia again, he tricks Tae Ri in the second round. Successfully tricked, Tae Ri becomes the mafia. The entire cast is on the prank when they trick Tae Ri into thinking that she guessed right only for her to feel betrayed later. 

The worst mafia was probably Lee Joo Myung (Ji Seung Wan) who kept fidgeting throughout the game. Everyone was fired up for the last game and chose to give out very vague hints, making it especially hard for Choi Hyun Wook (Moon Ji Ung), the mafia, to guess the keyword. With the lowest points, Hyun Wook has to carry out the penalty that has the cast watching him in embarrassment!

The air was too awkward when they first met

The Twenty Five Twenty One cast got candid when they revealed how awkward their first meeting was. No one spoke much because they were all a bunch of introverts! Further, Bona was flustered to see Tae Ri arrive on a bicycle and Joo Hyuk arriving on a scooter with a backpack. To that Joo Hyuk sheepishly adds, “I remember the writer was sighing.” 

Catch the youths on Netflix. 

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