“Trying to be an example”- Jaylen Brown on Why He Chose Kanye West’s Donda Sports as His Representative

“Trying to be an example”- Jaylen Brown on Why He Chose Kanye West’s Donda Sports as His Representative

Kanye West has always enjoyed celebrity supporters for the wide range of his ventures. After finding success in music and fashion, the Hip Hop artist began the Donda Academy and Donda sports. He even got basketball player Jaylen Brown to become the face of his sports venture. But being a controversial figure anyone who forms an alliance with West is questioned about their support.

Boston Celtics player Jaylen Brown revealed why he chose to represent Donda Sports. While being careful, the sportsman defended his decision, stating why it was important to him and why his thoughts connected to the goal of the venture.

Why Jaylen Brown supports the Kanye West organization

Kanye West is known for getting into enormous projects and forming collaborations for its success. So when basketball player Jaylen Brown was asked how he aligned with the sports organization, he had an answer ready. In an interview, Brown revealed to the New York Times, he was “trying to be an example for the next generation of athletes”. As per him, 50-60% of retired athletes go through financial troubles just a decade after amassing wealth. There is a need for education and awareness amongst the sports community about managing money sustainably. He is unhappy with the lack of care agents show toward the players once they are retired.

The athlete also mentioned how Donda Sports is named after Kanye West’s late mother Donda West. She was a teacher just like Brown’s mother, and she focused on educating people. Now, Brown disagrees with Ye’s support of former President Donald Trump. But according to him, it is okay to work with someone you do not support.

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But that did not last long, and he exited from the organization after Ye’s anti Semitic comments. Ultimately, Donda Sports dried down like Ye’s other ventures.

Donda Sports was just one of Ye’s ambitious projects

Ye did not have difficulty finding big collaborators, he just had difficulty keeping them. Justin Laboy and Kanye West formed this company in May 2022. It was their attempt to break into the sports industry by promoting the wellness of sports players in all aspects. But the website seemed more like a marketing agency with sold-out products. West’s Donda Academy, an expensive school with its own curriculum, has also been non-functional.

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