Troll Husband Ryan Reynolds Didn’t Even Spare Pregnant Blake Lively on Her 32nd Birthday

Troll Husband Ryan Reynolds Didn’t Even Spare Pregnant Blake Lively on Her 32nd Birthday

While a lot of couples express their love for each other by sharing cutesy pictures on social media, for Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, expressing love means trolling each other as much as possible. And as much as they love each other, they also love making babies, and more importantly, the Deadpool actor loves to share bizarre pictures of his wife while she is pregnant.

While during her fourth pregnancy, the Gossip Girl alumni herself posted her pictures with her baby bump, but when she was pregnant for the third time with her daughter Betty, she also celebrated her 32nd birthday at the same time. And her loving husband took the stand and spent his precious time selecting the funniest pictures of a pregnant Blake while keeping in mind that he looks awesome.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time the Red Notice star has made fun of his wife on her birthday. He had already shown the world that he will troll his dear wife for life when he posted yet another picture of the Green Lantern actress on her thirtieth birthday when he almost cut her from a picture of both of them posted on her birthday captioning it, “Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.”

Although, Lively is one step ahead when it comes to taking revenge and this is what the 35-year-old actress did when her husband celebrated his 41st birthday.

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Blake Lively took the ultimate revenge form Ryan Reynolds on his birthday

The Savages actress knows well how to make her enemy taste the dust, however, in this case, it was the love of her life. So when two months later Free Guy actor celebrated his 41st birthday and that is when Lively saw the golden opportunity to give him the taste of his own medicine.

She posted a picture of him with fellow Canadian-American actor Ryan Gosling while cutting him from it the exact way he did. In addition to that she captioned the picture, “Happy Birthday, Baby” which seemed like she is directing this to The Notebook actor.

These comical feuds between one of the best couples in Hollywood not only make them people’s favorite but prove that despite being superstars, they are just regular people.

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