“I declined…” – Tessa Thompson Reveals A Funny Story About Michael B. Jordan and His Deed to Change Her Exceptional Self

“I declined…” – Tessa Thompson Reveals A Funny Story About Michael B. Jordan and His Deed to Change Her Exceptional Self

There is always a first time for everything. And it seems like the Creed III cast understands this well. Out in the cinemas on March 3rd, the newest installment to the Rocky and Creed franchise will see the now-retired Creed having a face-off like never before. While Tessa Thompson, Jonathan Majors, and Michael B. Jordan gave an absolutely brilliant performance on-screen, their off-screen merriments are no short of entertainment as well.

Ahead of the movie’s grand release, Tessa Thompson had a chat with the late-night show host Jimmy Fallon, where she talked about how she has never had an egg in her entire life. “You got to hold on to things that make you exceptional,” Thompson tells Fallon, evoking a loud guffaw from the audience. And when the host asked if she ever had the urge to try eggs, she talked about how almost a week ago, her co-star Jonathan Majors had eight hard-boiled eggs for breakfast and the Raising Dion star “tried” to get her “to eat eggs.” However, she didn’t budge. “Last week, I declined the egg.

Although she did not have an egg, she did try steak for the first time in her life and the credit goes to none other than Michael B Jordan. “I know I am losing it,” Thompson admitted on the late-night show. And even though the Creed III actor could not succeed, do you know who did? The fan-favorite live show host Jimmy Fallon. He made Thompson have scrambled eggs for the first time in her life!

But why did she never have eggs until now?

Here’s why Tessa Thompson never had an egg

The actress explained to Fallon that she had a misconception about eggs as a kid. That the eggs we eat grow into a chicken. And when she finally got to know the truth, she could not trust them because “they shapeshift.” She then hilariously added, “it is a suspect as a kid if you think about it.” Thompson also said she did not eat eggplant because of the misinformation.

However, Jimmy Fallon now made her eat an egg and Jordan made her eat a steak, and she is perhaps enjoying the change in her eating habits.

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What are your thoughts about it though? Can you eat 8 boiled eggs for breakfast? Do let us know in the comments below.

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