“…Triangle is not over”: ‘Never Have I Ever’ Stars and Creator Tease Season 4 While Breaking Down Season 3 Finale

“…Triangle is not over”: ‘Never Have I Ever’ Stars and Creator Tease Season 4 While Breaking Down Season 3 Finale

Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) of Never Have I Ever has had a huge list of Never Have I Evers until season 3. The most notable of them was, well, boinking. However, things might have changed with “boinking” by the end of the last episode of season 3. Because, something might’ve happened between Devi and her on and off love interest, Ben Gross (Jaren Lewison).

These two may have hopped upon that “one free boink” coupon offered by Ben in the previous episode. We might also have some news about Season 4 of Never Have I Ever. Let’s have a look at that.

What was the finale episode all about?

The season 3 finale of the show opens with Devi learning she is the last member of her friend group to lose her V-card. Followed by Daxton, Desvi, and finally the plain old Devi. Eleanor has fallen in love at first sight with Paxton’s best friend Trent, while Fabiola and Addison have discovered their own gif-based, technological version of sexting. Devi, meanwhile, is still reeling from her most recent breakup with typical mama’s boy Des, who ended things with her in response to his mother’s unfriendly “Devi is unstable” warning.

The final day of Devi’s junior year at Sherman Oaks, which includes the new dilemma regarding where she should spend her senior year, the development of Bevi’s enemies-to-friends-to-lovers-to-enemies-to-friends-again arc, and Paxton’s graduation speech, has been the focus of the last nine episodes of season 3.

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Of course, the two love triangles shouldn’t be forgotten. Apart from that, Devi was offered admission to Shrubland School, a boarding school in Colorado. However, she declines the offer and decides to stay one more year with her “typical Indian mother“.

But, we have saved the best part of the ending yet that connects to season 4. Read further to find out.

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The return of the love triangle in Never Have I Ever Season 4

Without further ado, let’s discuss what happened in the Never Have I Ever season 3 conclusion and what to anticipate from Devi’s senior year in season 4. In episode 9, Devi tells Ben about her worry about being a virgin for all of eternity, and Ben gives her a piece of paper that says “One Free Boink” to use as a last option if she ever finds herself on her “deathbed.” By the end of the episode, Devi shows up at Ben’s door. Devi gives Ben the “One Free Boink” voucher, turns down the lights, and the episode ends with Ben and her kissing and the room’s door closing.

As the first episodes of Season 3 showed, no matter how much she may have been drawn to Paxton, Devi was never ready to be vulnerable and trusting with him. Maitreyi Ramakrishnan shares how Devi “actually feels emotionally ready for it [now]. She’s like, ‘Yeah, all right, let me go shoot my shot.’” 

Never Have I Ever creator Lang Fisher assures that the core love triangle “is not over.” Instead, it will carry over into the comedy’s final season, which will focus on “moving on” as its overarching theme. Paxton has left Sherman Oaks High for college now. On the other hand, something has occurred with Devi and Ben’s boink card, viewers may anticipate exciting changes. Fisher said, “Devi and Ben were always at odds. Everything gets tumbled upside down.… So therefore the love triangle can get reignited again.”

What do you think will happen in season 4? Will Devi get back together with Ben or Paxton, or someone new will be introduced? Let us know in the comments.

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