Trending Kids’ Shows on Netflix Right Now – October 2021

Trending Kids’ Shows on Netflix Right Now – October 2021

Watching cartoon shows on streaming services like Netflix is probably a child’s favorite pastime these days. With innumerable watching options and the next episode always at hand, the situation is pretty much ideal.

But there’s always a question of what to watch? Since it is Netflix we’re talking about, the quality options are endless. So, to make a choice for your kids easy, we’ve compiled a list of the most trending shows for children of all ages.

Shaun the Sheep (~ age 4)

The delightful Shaun the Sheep series was launched by Aardman animations back in 2007. Despite being 14 years old, the series continues to entertain viewers. The young Shaun is a clever sheep who gets into adventures with his friends, while escaping the sheepdog, Bitzer. The show garnered so many viewers that the creators even decided to make its film series.

Sofia the First (~ age 6)

There is no way one could talk about Netflix kids’ shows without mentioning the beloved princesses. Sofia the First is perhaps the most tender and serene show that’s perfect for kids.

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The show revolves around the tender princess, Sofia, who learns that being a princess isn’t just about pretty dresses and crowns. She learns to take responsibility, live by principles, and care for others. To make the series further exciting, there are cute little cameos of other princesses like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, and many more.

Project Mc2 (~ age 8)

Busting stereotypes – one problem or program at a time, Project Mc2 is about a trio of young girls in the field of STEM. They’re hired by a shadow organization full of female secret agents, who, quite literally, run the world. The series is a must-watch for young girls and boys alike.

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (~ age 10)

Adapted from the beloved children’s series, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is, and this cannot be enunciated enough, a must-watch. This Netflix children’s series deals with the Baudelaire orphans. The sibling trio investigates their parents’ mysterious death under the watchful and rather evil eye of Count Olaf.

Under its dark theme, the series manages to keep things humorous and light-hearted as we see the siblings grow closer and more affectionate towards each other. And weirdly, it is Neil Patrick Harris as antagonist Count Olaf that keeps you hooked to this show.

Anne With An E (~ age 12)

Adapted from LM Montgomery’s classic children’s book Anne of the Green Gables, Anne with an E is the definition of a feel-good comfort show.

Young Anne Shirley is excited to start a new life with the Cuthberts, two siblings who never married but want a child to look after. As caring as they are, The Cuthberts are rather silent folks, in contrast with a very talkative and chirpy Anne.

This Netflix original series progresses as we watch the lively and vivacious teenager grow up and learn the ways of the world. Anne’s bond with Matthew Cuthbert, her guardian is especially endearing to watch. This children’s Netflix series is 3 seasons of pure peace and joy.

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What other Netflix Kids Shows do you prefer for your children?

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