“Tough don’t mean you can’t cry”: Netflix’s ‘Lost Ollie’ Sparks a Much-Needed Conversation About Emotions, Communication, and Parenting

“Tough don’t mean you can’t cry”: Netflix’s ‘Lost Ollie’ Sparks a Much-Needed Conversation About Emotions, Communication, and Parenting

Every kid has a special toy in their childhood that they would stick to from morning kisses to goodnight hugs. They never leave it out of sight and keep it like a treasure with them all the time. But what if it goes missing or loses it somewhere? It gives the same amount of pain to a kid as what we feel when we lose something precious. Netflix Original’s Lost Ollie is the story of a boy who lost his stuffed bunny. Kesler Talbot, playing the role of Billy, goes in search of his favorite toy.

While the toy named ‘Ollie’ also struggles to get back to his best friend. The series has a major vibe of the Toy Story franchise but much darker and emotionally moving as the show sparks a much-needed conversation about emotions, communication, and parenting. Continue reading to know what the story has to say about these important aspects of life.

Lost Ollie gives guidance to parents about being open to their kids on Netflix

The official page of Netflix shared a clip from Lost Ollie where Billy and his daddy are having a conversation. The caption read that many of us do not get advice from our parents about handling our emotions in tough times. But the show depicts a different picture where Billy’s dad gives the best message to fans.

After facing all his fears, it is time for Billy to go home, and they are sitting in a car outside their home. Billy asks his daddy: “What we are gonna do now?” because his mommy was not there, who used to be the soul of that house. And they both are afraid of how they will cope with the trauma of losing the best person in their life.

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Daddy replies that they are gonna go into that big empty home, but he couldn’t possibly do it alone. Billy cries that he is not strong like his dad. However, daddy says: “You’re way more tougher than I ever was, Billy. Tough don’t mean you can’t cry.”

The eyes filled with fears and pain says it all that tears never make a person weak. It just says how much you cared or believed in something. Thus, we should appreciate every human feeling, no matter what it is.

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How do you like this compelling story of Billy and Ollie? Lost Ollie premiered on Netflix on August 24, 2022. If you haven’t watched it, go take a look at the beautiful viewpoints they have depicted. And don’t forget to let us know your views in the comment section.

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