“Took sexual harassment courses” – Arnold Schwarzenegger Once Explained the Improvement Measures He Took in the Light of #MeToo Accusations

“Took sexual harassment courses” – Arnold Schwarzenegger Once Explained the Improvement Measures He Took in the Light of #MeToo Accusations

Remember the time Terminator actor Arnold Schwarzenegger got caught in the storm of the #MeToo movement? While the entertainer is an inspiration and a model for many, he has made some mistakes in the past. Some of these incidents happened years ago. Although he owned up to his mistake quickly and apologized for his behavior.

The #MeToo movement brought out the downside of the entertainment industry, wherein celebrities spoke up about the misbehavior that they experienced. Between all these, incidents of Schwarzenegger crossing the line also came up. But along with an apology, he took measures to prevent future mistakes as well.

How Arnold Schwarzenegger took measures after being caught up in the #MeToo movement

Despite being an icon, even the former governor of California could not escape his past mistakes. As per FandomWire, the actor admitted to his mistakes in 2018 and apologized in light of the misbehavior accusations made against him. After winning the seat as the Governor, he ensured that neither he nor any of his office members would make any such mistake. “That’s why we took sexual harassment courses, to have a clear understanding, ” he added. It ensured the prevention of any legal actions and also taught them about acceptable behavior in general.

He even accepted getting too touchy and crossing the line several times, but maintained being unaware of the gravity of it all. He was once asked whether the #MeToo movement changed his views. The actor denied any change, admitting that he has always been respectful to women and that his mother is the woman he loves the most.

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But how did this such a discussion even begin for Schwarzenegger? It all began when he stood for the elections.

Incidents that landed Schwarzenegger in trouble regarding the #MeToo movement

As per the LA Times, six women who worked around Schwarzenegger on movie sets came forward with allegations of misconduct. They accused him of touching them inappropriately. These accusations happened over three decades, although four of the six women decided to keep their identity secret.

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Time has passed since then, and while they spared the Predator actor, others paid the price. Celebrities like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey were shunned from the industry over #MeToo cases.

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