TOO SWEET! Sydney Sweeney’s Daily Candy Consumption Will Leave You Baffled as She Literally “lives and breaths sugar”

TOO SWEET! Sydney Sweeney’s Daily Candy Consumption Will Leave You Baffled as She Literally “lives and breaths sugar”

Sydney Sweeney has become an international star at a very young age. At just 25, she has worked on some of the biggest shows on TV, like Euphoria and the critically acclaimed series The White LotusShe might often play a girl who is clueless and fighting her own demons, but in real life, she is super sweet.

As good-looking and sweet as Sweeney is, she is also very nice to her fans. Apparently, the reason behind the actress’ sweetness has been decoded. It happened when she revealed certain things without which she cannot survive.

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Sydney Sweeney can not live without sugar

A few weeks ago, Sweeney did a video for GQ in which she talked about 10 things she cannot live without. The first and foremost of which is sugar. She literally had about eight packs of different kinds of sweets and snacks in front of her, which she sorted in a way that made her breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

“I live and breathe by sugar,” the 25-year-old claimed as she laughed at her own statement. Having a good candy or someone handing Sydney some sugar makes her day, and everybody close to her knows that. Apparently, she carries candy or something sweet all the time in her bag.

Sydney Sweeney has also developed a fun sugar game for herself. Whenever she eats popcorn while watching a movie, she throws a bunch of Sour Patch Kids in her popcorn bowl. Therefore, it is a pleasant surprise for her whenever one candy pops up between the popcorn. Moreover, she does not mind having a Kitkat as her breakfast.

Airheads and Nerds have also added her to this Everything Sucks! star’s long candy list. But these are not the only things that count as essential in Sydney’s life. Some other things that she carries with her mandatorily are a disposable camera, perfume, her glasses as she cannot see far, and a massive load of lip and skin care products.

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One more major revelation she made was about the only drink she has, which is water. She does not drink anything other than water, which is a major reason for her glowing skin.

Sydney Sweeney will appear with Dakota Johnson in Marvel’s Madame Web next year. Till then you can watch her in Netflix’s Everything Sucks.

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