“Too Much Good Taste Can Be Boring” Says Emily’s Costume Designer for Emily in Paris Season 2

“Too Much Good Taste Can Be Boring” Says Emily’s Costume Designer for Emily in Paris Season 2

If you have managed to get through Emily in Paris without wondering who the costume designer is, you are alone this time. Costume designer Marilyn Fitoussi says that she has one motto that she lived by while designing for Emily in Paris:

“Too much good taste can be boring”

Half the essence of Emily in Paris was the costumes and fashion moments of the titular character, Emily Cooper, her boss Sylvie Grateau, friend Camille and coworkers. Among all of these characters, Emily’s fashion stands out the most due to its being bold. She always chooses the most colorful, bold, and distinctive outfits. Main character energy.

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What is going to change in season 2?

The release of season 2 of the Netflix Original series is close. Naturally, fans are wondering what is going to change about Emily’s wardrobe and, by extension, her personality. The creators and costume designers had to make sure that Emily in Paris changed a little in season 2 while staying true to its roots.

Actress Lily Collins, who plays Emily and is a producer, said, “we have incorporated more purples and violets, as well as yellows and chartreuses. Bold colors.” She continued, “nothing too overwhelming, but very much just Emily.”

Through the course of season 1, we watched Emily move to a country where everyone seems to despise her. However, despite her shortcomings and bad luck, she never toned her personality down. Emily stayed bold as ever, as is evident from her outfits and looks.

In a sea of fashionable women who wear the chicest of outfits, Emily stuck to her bold colors and loud ruffles. Though her ensembles seemed to have been obviously made “distinctive” by the creators, fans certainly aren’t complaining about the same.

Through the course of the Netflix Original, Emily stood out the most in her natural state and though it may not please all viewers, it shows the best of Emily.

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How excited are you for season 2 of the Netflix Original?

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