Too Hot To Handle Season 3 Contestants Reunite, Here’s What They Said

Too Hot To Handle Season 3 Contestants Reunite, Here’s What They Said

The third season of the popular reality show, ‘Too Hot To Handle’, proved to be one of the best seasons of the show. The latest season premiered on 19th January 2022, on Netflix. Since its release, this season has engulfed the viewers in its hot and wild flames. This show offers the audience a relatively new premise. The rules dictate that the contestants may not hook up with each other. Significantly, every contestant is at the top of their game in the latest season and this means double the drama for the fans.

‘Too Hot To Handle’ Season 3 reunion

The latest season of the reality show packed quite the punch. The series has amassed a tremendous fan following from the start. However, this season has taken things up a notch. Chiefly, it made history because of a couple of reasons. This season recorded the most rules broken in a single season and a high prize spike to $200,000.

The much-awaited season 3 reunion premiered on YouTube on 26th January 2022. Significantly, the reunion is straight up 25 minutes of fun with Extra Hot’s host, Chloe, and the season three contestants. Let’s have a look as it is all fun, games and love in this cheesy and entertaining reunion.

The Rule Breaking chain

The reunion starts with the intro and moves on to play a game that would fit the latest season the most. ‘The Rule Break Game’ as the host, Chloe calls it, begins where each of the contestants share their particular rule breaking moment. Some talked about their romantic moments while some called the other narcissists. In one instance, Nathan says, “Any regret that I have is we didn’t spend more,” referring to his kiss with Holly Scarfone, to which she replies, “Exactly! Exactly!, Lets go”.

The Interviews of Too Hot To Handle Season 3 reunion

  • The first interview conducted by Chloe was of the winning couple, Harry and Beaux. This power duo had achieved an incredible feat by sticking to the rules even after having feelings for each other. When asked about what they plan to do with their earnings, Harry shares he is going to treat his family as they are his biggest support. Meanwhile, Beaux answers, “Honestly, I’ll treat my family and friends”. When posed the question of being together, they nonchalantly reply, “No, we aren’t“, and state that the distance after reaching their respective homes led to their feelings being subsided.
  • The second interview is with the villa’s most adored woman, Georgia Hassarati. Chloe asks Georgia about her secrets on how did she end up being the most sought-after girl in the villa. To which she replies, “I don’t know, I think I get along with guys and I can just relate to them, and then, I view them like they are my friend and then they are like, ohh she’s cool“. The villa’s heartthrob also shared her activities after leaving the Villa. Significantly, she talks about her self-growth and getting done with her degree of being a midwife.

  • The love triangle interview. A carnival of romantic drama is certain to include some love triangles. In this season, the gorgeous triangle included Truth, Izzy, and Jazz. This was one of the most dramatic and heated interviews of the reunion. Jazz talks about being with Truth initially. However, this didn’t last long, as Jazz also had her sights on Truth. Grab your bucket of popcorn and listen to them justify their actions and enjoy the show.

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  • The rule-breakers of the show, Holly and Nathan, spoke to Chloe about their spicy and fiery romance in the villa. They talk about the comfort in their relationship, their regrets, and Brianna’s interruption. Significantly, they share about their decision to step back and analyze their relationship a bit. However, Holly and Nathan have roamed together after leaving the villa and meeting each other’s family.

Too Cold Too Handle

The host, Chloe’s idea of cooling down these all-time steamy contestants of the show, is to play a game, “Too Cold To Handle”. In this segment, the guests have to pop a cube of ice in their mouths for every question they can answer. However, they can put an end to the game by shouting out, “too cold to handle”. This fun section of the reunion is a delight for the fans. Chiefly, the contestants answer a series of embarrassing questions and pop an ice cube for every question. The questions are pretty interesting and one of the most entertaining parts of the reunion.

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The ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Season 3 reunion ends with the contestants discussing their favorite memories of the retreat. Buckle up and check out this exciting reunion.

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