Too Hot To Handle Season 3 Contestants–Who Are Going To Be the New Couples?

Too Hot To Handle Season 3 Contestants–Who Are Going To Be the New Couples?

Netflix’s hit reality TV show has returned for a third season. Too Hot To Handle season 3 premiered on Netflix on 19th January 2022. Significantly, this reality show has a rather unconventional premise. Hooking up with each other or any other kind of physical intimacy among the contestants is not allowed. The hit show is back with new contestants and an enormous cash prize of $200,000. To win the show, the contestants must abide by the rules and refrain from any intimacy with others.

Too Hot To Handle Season 3 fresh contestants

The brand new season brings us fresh and glowing faces of the new contestants. Let’s have a look at the new competitors from around the world.

The Women

Beaux Raymond: A 24-year-old legal secretary born in London is, according to her, a big fan of men who can keep up with her cute blabbering. Significantly, she is a firm believer in honesty. We can see her posting inspirational messages and party pictures on her Instagram.

Georgia Hassarati: The 26-year-old hails from Australia. Being a fan of bad boys and Justin Bieber, she has a weakness for tattoos. She reveals that she “gets bored easily and moves on quickly”. Well, this surely would stir up some good drama.

Holly Scarfone: She is a 23-year-old Canadian psychology student. Not a fan of relationships, as she proclaims, her wish is to date boys around the world and she has come to the right reality show for that. Chiefly, she is described as super confident and super sexual.

Izzy Fairthorne: The 22-year-old is another contestant from the UK. Being sent to boarding school in her childhood, she is as rebellious as they come. An interesting note on her is, “Izzy plays guys like she plays the hockey field and is competitive on and off the pitch,” which will prove quite exciting on the show.

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Jazlyn Holloway: This 25-year-old fashion designer has her own luxury brand of loungewear, Private Goods. She goes by the name Jaz and calls herself a “military brat” as her dad is in the US Airforce. Furthermore, she also has her own make-up line.

The Men

Harry Johnson: According to the production notes, the 29-year-old from Middleborough, UK is “self-proclaimed Harry Styles lookalike”. He has an inclination towards soccer, Hawaiian shirts, and world travel.

Nathan Soan Mngomezulu: This 24-year-old hails from Cape Town, South Africa. He is a model and a business management student who claims he can “can talk any girl into his bed.” 

Patrick Mullen: The 29-year-old is quite the Hawaiian hunk from the US. He has a degree in botany, as flowers fascinate him. His other interests include picking up tourists. Being 6’5”, he looks forward to fulfilling any holiday romance fantasies of tourists.

Stevan Ditter: This 26-year-old is a professional model. The production notes include, “His bad boy looks and attitude have won this party boy plenty of female attention in LA.” He apparently has won an award for being the flirtiest guy in high school.

Truth: The 23-year-old from Texas, US, has amassed quite a fan following on TikTok. The press release states that he “has no difficulties in securing a team of beautiful girls,” and is “used to shooting his shot and being the star player.”

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Are there going to be any new couples this season?

One of the strongest couples emerging from season 3 of Too Hot To Handle is Harry and Beaux. They made history by becoming the first couple to be finalists together. To the fan’s delight, this power couple has continued their relationship offscreen too.

Furthermore, Holly and Nathan are the second most promising couple in the show, another couple to have cemented their relationship offscreen.

Jackson Mawhinney was a late arrival at the villa. However, he didn’t fail to mark his impression on the ladies, especially Izzy Fairthorne. Significantly, they never hinted at continuing their relationship outside the show.

Too Hot To Handle will prove to be quite entertaining to the viewers. What are your views on the latest season and its contestants?

Too Hot To Handle is available for streaming on Netflix.

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