‘Too Hot to Handle’ Season 3 Cast – What Are They Upto Now? Which Couples Are Still Together?

‘Too Hot to Handle’ Season 3 Cast – What Are They Upto Now? Which Couples Are Still Together?

Yet another group of young 20-year-olds was put together on a stranded island to practice abstinence? You read it right, Netflix is here with the third season of Too Hot To Handle. The cast includes 10 passionate youngsters who joined to thinking it to be a hook-up show, only to realize that it is exactly the opposite. On the very first night on the island, the contestants are told that the challenge is NOT to have physical intimacy with anyone on the island.

The third season of this series is not streaming on Netflix. But the audience is more interested in knowing what is going on in the real life of the contestants. They completed the shoot for this season last year in January or February. Since then their social media has been fairly silent, but now that the season has aired we will get to know what all happened in the past year.

Here is everything we know about where the cast of Too Hot To Handle is now.

Too Hot To Handle Cast Member: Nathan Soan Mngomezulu

Cape Town, SA

IG: @nathsoan

The playboy Nathan committed to Holly on Day 1. Sure, there were a number of challenges that were placed to test him, but Nathan always pulled through. However, we have not seen him make any trips to Colorado to see Holly.

Harry Johnson

Middlesbrough, UK

IG: @harryjohnson92

One-half of the couple left the island with the prize money. Harry and Beaux are a couple who we still have a little hope for. Recently Beaux commented on one of his Instagram pictures with puppy eyes, to which he replied with a heart.

Robert Truth

Texas, USA

IG: @truthsworld

Truth was among the first contestants who left the island. Since his departure, he has been at the receiving end of a little comment love from Jaz. Anyway, we are not sure where this is headed.

Getting to know where Too Hot To Handle Cast are: Patrick Mullen

Hawaii, USA

IG: @thepatmullen

Patrick was booted much later from the island. Since then, he is back home living a pretty amazing life. Capturing absolutely stunning photos, and living under the sun.

Stevan Ditter

California, USA

IG: @stevanditter

Stevan tried to make things work with Georgia and then he took a show with Olga, the newcomer. Every single one of us is clueless about where things with Olga went. We anyway know he broke his clavicle while snowboarding. We just hope he gets better soon.

Holly Scarfone

Colorado, USA

IG: @hollyscarfone

Holly was the second half of Too Hot To Handle’s longest-running couple, along with Nathan. The duo committed to each other on the very first day of the journey. However, we do not have any proof of Holly and Nathan being together so far.

Izzy Fairthorne

Cheltenham, UK

IG: @izfairr

Next up we have Izzy, who had good chemistry with Jackson, following a rather tough first week. We would definitely love to see if the two Britishers kept their romance alive, but so far, there has been no confirmation.

Getting to know Too Hot To Handle Cast: Jazlyn Holloway

Virginia, USA

IG: @jazkills

Jazz was someone who never found a match for her in the cast members. However, she is pretty active on social media and often comments on the posts of her co-cast members. She probably made a lot of friends on the island.

Beaux Raymond

London, UK

IG: @_beauxraymond_

Beaux was a little hurt when Harry pursued Georgia, but soon they both ended up together. The duo emerged out of the island with the price money. Anyway, we cannot say whether Beaux has used the money, or is even with Harry anymore.

Georgia Hassarati

Queensland, AU

IG: @georgiahassarati

The very beautiful Georgia had many pursuers, most notably Stevan. She tried to make things work with Gerrie from Johannesburg, who was a late arrival. However, she later decided to work on herself. She gave Stevan a pretty heartfelt apology, and since seems to be living her best life with her dog Sponge.
Too Hot To Handle is now streaming on Netflix.

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