‘Too Hot to Handle’ Season 3 Behind the Scenes and Every Detail You Need to Know

‘Too Hot to Handle’ Season 3 Behind the Scenes and Every Detail You Need to Know

Netflix forayed into the reality show genre with Too Hot To Handle, a one-of-its-kind show, as it has mixed the old concept of locking in unique personalities under one roof with a new concept of no physical intimacy.

The Netflix reality show has more behind-the-scenes drama for the fans that what it offers in its episodes. You might wonder how can reality shows have behind-the-scenes as they are not acting and there are no scenes. The producers had 4000 hours of footage, and they could not release it all. Thus, they label extra footage as behind-the-scenes moments. Are you ready to unpack some of these reality BTS?

Patrick’s flirting to Lana’s interventions

Many viewers have a crush on Patrick Mullen for his cute habits, like giving flowers to girls. The show confirmed Patrick gave flowers to six people, including one for Lana. “The bushes are empty, there is no flower left,” Georgia joked about Patrick’s flirting. If flowers were not enough, Patrick even tried his luck with guitar, as he sang three songs.

As usual, Lana had her hands full in season three even though she does not have them. The contestants called on the virtual assistant 3000 times in their stay of 24 days. Lana also equally troubled the contestants as she called 104 meetings to announce their rule breaks. So, let us look at what the rule breaks were.

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Rule breaks take a toll on the Too Hot To Handle prize amount

As we have established earlier, the contestants cannot indulge in any sort of physical intimacy. Although Too Hot To Handle does not eliminate contestants for breaking rules, it drains their prize amount for every rule break. Thus, the entire cast of contestants suffers for one person’s rule break.

For the first time in the three seasons of the reality show, the prize amount of $200,000 reached a grand zero. The second season contestants lost only $70,000 of the grand prize. There were 15 rule breaks, which included 12 kisses, one self-gratification, one excessive grinding, and one all-out session.

Thanks to Nathan and Holly, the contestants suffered a loss of $120,000, the most among the cast. However, Netflix would be happy, as it did not have to empty its purses for anyone.

Can you survive on the reality show for 24 days? Let us know in the comments.

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