“Too bad, as*hole”: Ryan Reynolds Takes a Cunning Revenge on Wrexham AFC Co-Chairman for Filming His Colonoscopy

“Too bad, as*hole”: Ryan Reynolds Takes a Cunning Revenge on Wrexham AFC Co-Chairman for Filming His Colonoscopy

Reel superhero Ryan Reynolds is a hero in real life too. The Wrexham co-owner is actively involved in a lot of social causes; he even met kids in Cancer hospitals during the Deadpool shoot. Now, the A-list actor went all out and underwent a colonoscopy, along with business partner and friend Rob McElhenney. In tandem with how wild the duo is, Ryan’s colonoscopy was filmed for the world to see.

The Red Notice actor went through colonoscopy surgery to raise awareness about Colon Cancer in partnership with Maximum Effort & Chrysi Philalethes for the Lead from Behind nonprofit organization. It all started with Ryan losing a bet with Rob, which came with the condition that the former’s colonoscopy will be filmed if he lost the bet. And well he did, but what came after was his cunning revenge against the Mythic Quest actor.

Ryan Reynolds got even with his Wrexham co-chairman

The 6 Underground actor, in order to save lives, filmed his colonoscopy procedure. In a video uploaded on Ryan Reynolds’s channel, both he and Rob discussed the measures for preventing colon cancer. According to Rob, Ryan had to get his colon surgery filmed if the former does not learn Welsh in a year.

Well, Rob proceeds to speak in Welsh, winning the bet. Ryan, out of the lost bet and social awareness campaign, agreed to go through the surgery in association with Colorectal Cancer Alliance. The surgery goes smoothly. But Ryan was not done, he wanted to get back at the bet winner.

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So for the next turn, the Red Notice actor asked Rob if he wants to broadcast his colonoscopy as well. Rob shook his head and gave a clear no to having his colon business for the world to see. But Reynolds, being his witty self, went, “Well too bad, as*hole. Because we filmed it.” The scene then hilariously goes on to Rob’s turn at the hospital donning the patient’s cap.

As the doctor explains how colon cancer is a preventable condition and regular test helps, Rob is taken inside the surgery room with a medical staff telling him that he watches Rob’s Welcome to Wrexham docuseries. The next frame shows a dizzy Rob McElhenney waking up from his successful surgery. The video ends with an avenged and content Ryan going, “Well, that didn’t seem so bad.

The idea of promoting both their Wrexham club and spreading awareness about Colon Cancer was quite interesting. Just how much do you love this wickedly good duo? Comment and let us know.

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