Toni Collette Splits From Husband of 19 Years After Pictures of Dave Galafassi With Another Woman Surfaces

Toni Collette Splits From Husband of 19 Years After Pictures of Dave Galafassi With Another Woman Surfaces

Toni Collette has separated from her husband Dave Galafassi after 19 years of marriage. The Hereditary actress got hitched to the drummer in 2003, and they have a daughter Sage (14), and a son Arlo (11). Despite the limelight, the couple loved living off in Australia, having a normal family life and traveling like a pack together whenever the actress had a project.

The Gelbison drummer seemed to be happily married until pictures of him kissing another woman started surfacing. He was clicked in public on a beach in Australia with a woman named Shannon Egan. The PDA came in hours before the separation was announced. The actress made the formal announcement of her separation recently.

How Toni Collette announced her separation from Dave Galafassi

Collette and Galafassi will probably move on to court proceedings after the actress announced her separation from the drummer. She was married to the drummer for nearly two decades but made the separation announcement hours after photos of him with another woman surfaced. As per reports, the Staircase actress took to Instagram to make the announcement where she wrote, “After a substantial period of separation, it is with grace and gratitude that we announce we are divorcing.”

She went on to clarify how the divorce is a mutual decision and that they will continue to have love and respect for each other.

The couple is clear about their two children remaining a priority despite the changed dynamic. The post requested privacy for both Collette and Galafassi. She posted the message along with a photo that said ‘peace and love.’ Even fans wished her luck on her new start in life as she made the announcement.

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It is unclear whether the couple separated suddenly or whether they had already moved on privately. It is reported that the husband has been living with his new partner in their marital house. In fact, the new lady love was spotted walking their dog as well. Now it reamins to be seen how the Academy Award-nominated actress deals with this situation now.

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