Toni Collette Found THIS Scene “beautiful but difficult” to Film for Netflix’s Pieces of Her

Toni Collette Found THIS Scene “beautiful but difficult” to Film for Netflix’s Pieces of Her

Toni Collette has made headlines yet again for her outstanding performance in the new Netflix thriller series Pieces of Her. In recent years, she has done some incredible acting in films such as Hereditary, Knives Out, and the Netflix series Unbelievable. There’s no denying that her film and show choices have been terrific. This new Netflix series Pieces of Her will also keep you on the edge of your seat as you try to figure out who Laura, the character played by Toni, is.

The show is about a mother and daughter duo who live a very simple life in a small town in Georgia, but their lives are turned upside down by an incident that occurs at the beginning of the show. Toni Collette and her co-star Bella Heathcote, who plays her daughter in the show, discuss their experience filming this thriller and which scenes were difficult to shoot, in an interview.

Toni Collette discusses the themes in Pieces of Her

Minkie Spiro, the director, made everything very clear to the cast. The plot revolves around family, past trauma, personal freedom. Most importantly, a mother and daughter dealing with the harsh realities of life. “They are not you know small or light themes,” Toni explains, “so it was a little intense sometimes but it was sun to work in Sydney at hom

What were the most challenging scenes, according to Toni?

Collette recalled two scenes that she believed were difficult to capture. One of them was Laura’s performance of a difficult Bach composition, as you may recall if you’ve watched the entire series. Although the scene is flawless, the tension is intensified. Toni said, “I learnt it by memory and I had two weeks to do it before we shot the scene and that was very difficult and very challenging.”

The other time was when Laura was undergoing cancer treatment. She has a conversation with another woman in which she confronted the truth of her life. She could be vulnerable because the other woman was on the edge of death. The actress calls that scene “beautiful but difficult.

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Bella Heathcote answered the long-awaited question

The interviewer inquired of Bella, who plays Laura’s daughter Andy, what viewers can expect from Pieces of Her. To which she replied “desperation to see what comes next.” Bella, herself, was intrigued by the show. Even though she played the character and knew the story inside and out, she couldn’t stop watching.

Imagine how you’ll feel when you watch the series if the actors who shot it are themselves enthralled by the premise. You can now watch it on Netflix. There are eight episodes in total. Let us know what you think of the show in the comments.

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