Tom Hanks’ Chance to Join An Elite Club Ride on Austin Butler and His Win for ‘Elvis’ at the 2023 Academy Awards

Tom Hanks’ Chance to Join An Elite Club Ride on Austin Butler and His Win for ‘Elvis’ at the 2023 Academy Awards

Elvis was among the most commercially and critically successful movie from the past year. Much like the troubled pop star at the center of affairs, Baz Luhrmann’s film, too, is winning the world one step at a time. And the Academy Awards 2023 might be the most important step in the journey. At least for its leading cast, Tom Hanks and Austin Butler, it definitely is. The biographical flick has brought forth the first-ever Oscar nomination for Austin Butler. Given how he played musical legend Presley down to the last morsel, many believe he will take home the gold. And no one would be happier than Tom Hanks if he does.

Hanks has a legacy of winning Best Actor at the Oscars. While he was not nominated this year, his Elvis co-star Austin Butler was. If Butler takes home the trophy at the Oscars 2023, Hanks will be the one earning an elite title.

Why Austin Butler’s Oscar win will be a greater win for Tom Hanks?

Elvis’ lead actor Austin Butler has won in the Best Actor category at the Golden Globes and BAFTA Awards. Therefore, fans are convinced an Oscar will also be added to his collection. For Butler, it will be the first-ever Oscar award in his name and for Tom Hanks, it would mean entry to a limited elite club, as noted by GoldDerby. If the Elvis actor wins in the Best Actor category at the Academy Awards 2023, Tom Hanks will become the 15th actor who worked in a film where another actor received the very Best Actor Oscar that he held earlier.

Hanks is not only a sought-after actor for commercial success, but he is a favorite amongst the critics as well. Furthermore, he has won Best Actor at the Academy Awards for two of his movies, Philadelphia and Forrest Gump.

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Why was Hanks not nominated at the Oscars in 2023?

When it was announced that Butler and Hanks would be starring in an Elvis biography, fans were over the moon. While Bulter surprised the audience with a performance akin to lightning in a bottle, Tom Hanks, as a seasoned actor, disappointed the audience.

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Despite starring in a role that could have had an easy slide as the Best Supporting Actor, Hanks delivered a “mid” performance. His accent especially caused fury among the audience. Therefore, the actor was not nominated even as a supporting cast. His only hope for the Academy Awards 2023 is Austin Butler.

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