TMI? Rapper Kevin Gates Reveal One Non-fancy Kink and It’s Related to Pee

TMI? Rapper Kevin Gates Reveal One Non-fancy Kink and It’s Related to Pee

People in this world have weird kinks and rapper Kevin Gates has successfully joined that club. The rap artist has always been very vocal about his sexual lifestyle. At moments he has not been shy of revealing the kinks which might seem weird to a large number of people but give utter pleasure to the singer.

Recently, he revealed a peculiar kink that some people might find disgusting. The rapper talked about his sexual fantasy, where he finds pleasure when he drinks a woman’s pee.

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Kevin Gates has a kink involving urine

The 36-year-old singer has revealed that he loves urination in his mouth while having sex. He said that it gives him utter pleasure when a woman he is having sex with pees in his mouth. The ‘Thinkin’ with my Dick’ singer finds this act “beautiful.”

According to The Source, he mentioned in an interview on the Fancy Talk Show podcast, “I had a woman pee in a cup while we were driving and I drunk it.” He said that the urine did not taste like anything because he did not find anything nasty about the woman whose pee he drank. On the other hand, he mentioned that she was super clean. Adding more to it, he said that the woman drank nothing but water the whole day, hence, her pee was tasteless.

Gates has a theory on women with acne

This is not the first time Gates has revealed his weird fantasy. He has another theory that women with acne have the best pus**es. The rapper has mentioned that although he has not found his match; he has definitely met a woman who is closest to his imagination, and she has acne. Not only did he confidently suggested this acne theory, but he has an explanation behind this theory too.

He says that those women who have acne have imbalanced hormones which cause congestion and hence they could not release properly. He continues by saying that once he really puts it on the woman with acne, her face starts clearing up. Only science can tell if there’s any legitimacy in Gates’ claim.

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What do you think of Gates’ kink and his acne theory? Let us know in the comments.

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