4 Times Ryan Reynolds Shared Bromantic Moments With Bang Chan

4 Times Ryan Reynolds Shared Bromantic Moments With Bang Chan

Ryan Reynolds, the name is not unknown to the masses. One of the most popular actors in the industry, Ryan has given innumerable hit films to the audience. Time and again, the actor is back with a new film or show for the fans. Furthermore, the Deadpool star never fails to amaze the audience with his incredibly hilarious interviews. Owing to all that the actor has garnered a massive fan following from around the world.

While Ryan is one of the most successful actors in the industry, he is also an amazing person who is loved by people from around the world. And among the multiple fans of the Deadpool star, one of them is popular Korean singer Bang Chan. Reynolds is an extremely friendly and hilarious person and shares a special bond with various other actors such as Hugh Jackman. And interestingly, Ryan’s friendships have crossed borders too as the actor has a strong bromantic relationship with Stray Kids singer Chan.

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The bromance history Ryan Reynolds shares with Bang Chan

Many of us might not know but Stray Kids are a huge fan of Reynolds. The first interaction Ryan had with the band was when Stray Kids had a Deadpool-themed party. The Deadpool actor was quick enough to react to the news.

1) Bang Chan changed his name soon after Ryan acknowledged the singer

Soon after Ryan replied to their Deadpool-themed party, Chan changed his name on Bubble to Chris Reynolds. And surprisingly Ryan even started calling the singer by the same name.

2)The duo openly expressed appreciation for each other

Chan being a fan of Reynolds wanted Ryan’s autograph. The singer received his autograph in a peculiar style as Ryan sent him a bottle of Aviation Gin with his autograph on it. In addition to that, the actor even asked for Chan’s autograph, and that too with some extra surprises.

3)The Deadpool star even gave Chan a shoutout

As we all know, Ryan has his own production house Maximum Efforts. The studio previously released a song and Ryan took to Twitter to express his fondness for the incredible performance. Interestingly when a fan praised the song, Ryan gave all the credit to Bang Chan.

4)The duo even met through a video call

Reynolds and Chan shared the same screen and the Deadpool actor repeatedly praised the singer throughout the call.

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What are your favorite moments that Ryan and Chan shared? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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