Time Travel in ‘The Adam Project’: Can We Really Use It to Skip 2022? Here’s the Truth

Time Travel in ‘The Adam Project’: Can We Really Use It to Skip 2022? Here’s the Truth

From saving his wife, Laura (Zoe Saldaña) to stopping his boss, Sorian (Catherine Keener), Ryan Reynold’s Adam had a lot to change in the past. Accompanied by his 12-year-old self, Adam manages to save the world through the course of The Adam Project. Add to this a few heartwarming moments for viewers to entwine themselves around and you have a fan-favorite at hand. While not as momentous, we all have at least a few things we would like to witness and change in our past. Is The Adam Project-style time travel possible?

Here’s all you need to know:

Can wormholes be used for time travel?

Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen came up with the Einstein-Rosen Bridge. We have seen popular culture try to explain this time and again. A simpler explanation suggests that the bridge is a theoretical structure that links different points in the spacetime curve. The intergalactic space travel in Thor can also be explained using the Einstein-Rosen Bridge.

This theory could explain potential time travel and provide the basis for development in the future. However, it currently isn’t possible for a person to go through unharmed. It requires the existence of negative energy, something current science is miles away from.

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Magnetic Particle Accelerator

The first requirement for time travel is a device that allows, well, time travel. The drive that supports this is called a magnetic particle accelerator. As the name suggests, this machine uses electromagnetic fields to speed up charged particles (like electrons or protons) close to the speed of light.

These particle accelerators are the closest we currently have to time machines. Considering the timeline of events in the film, we might as well have the events of The Adam Project unfurl at some point in the future. Currently, CERN boasts the world’s largest particle accelerator- The Large Hadron Collider.

However, scientists believe that a current trip back in time would prove to be a deadly one-way trip. The particle accelerator would rip apart the person using it. This is where Louis Reed from the Netflix Original comes in. The formula he supplied with was the stabilizer algorithm that would allow people to time travel without resulting in, well, death. And yet again, modern science may have developed a lot, but we’re not quite there yet.

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So, is The Adam Project-style time travel possible or not?

To sum it up: no, you currently cannot travel through timelines. Even if science was advanced enough for time travel to be a thing, it would take eons for humans to actually be able to access it to meet their ends as they do in The Adam Project.

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The only option we’re all left with for the next few hundred years is streaming films like The Adam Project on Netflix.

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