Throwback to When Millie Bobby Brown Made History With Her ‘Enola Holmes 2’ Pay Cheque

Throwback to When Millie Bobby Brown Made History With Her ‘Enola Holmes 2’ Pay Cheque

Millie Bobby Brown is one of the biggest stars who enjoys a massive fan following around the world. The list of Hollywood’s top actresses is incomplete without the Stranger Things breakout star. Making her acting debut at a young age, Brown stunned the entire world with her undisputed run of success.

We are no strangers to Hollywood stars pocketing some of the biggest pay cheques. And even at such a young age, Brown’s paycheques are equal or more than many experienced Hollywood stars. Even though Stranger Things was the actresses’ first breakthrough role, Millie Bobby Brown made history with the huge paycheque she received for Enola Holmes 2.

In 2022, The Millie Bobby Brown starrer Enola Holmes 2 was one of the most anticipated projects. The detective drama featuring Brown and Henry Cavill took the world by storm and soon became extremely popular among the masses. Apart from giving an incredible performance as Enola, Brown made history with the huge paycheque she took home. Reportedly, the British actress earned $10 million for the Enola Holmes sequel. As reported by Variety, Brown became the first actress under the age of 20 to receive such a massive paycheque as upfront salary. Considering that Brown is just 19, this is a huge accomplishment.

Meanwhile, Enola Holmes was not the only project that added significantly to the actress’s net worth. Eleven in Stranger Things was Brown’s first breakout role. When Brown first made her debut in 2016, the actress earned $20,000 per episode. However, as the show grew in popularity, so did the British star’s net worth. Reportedly, the actress’s pay per episode sharply rose to almost $250,000. As reported by Cosmopolitan, the British actress’s net worth stands around $14 million.

What are the upcoming projects of Millie Bobby Brown?

Undeniably, Millie Bobby Brown has cemented herself as a well established actress in Hollywood. And the future looks very bright for the British star as well. The actress has a number of projects lined up for the upcoming year. One of the most anticipated projects by the actress is Damsel. Apart from acting in the movie, the 19-year star is also the project’s executive producer. Damsel will make its way to our screens later in October this year. Apart from Damsel, Brown was even spotted on the sets of The Electric state. 

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