Throwback to the Time When Will Smith Hilariously Imitated His Son’s “Iconic” Music Video

Throwback to the Time When Will Smith Hilariously Imitated His Son’s “Iconic” Music Video

Will Smith is once again in the headlines as the Oscars are approaching. After the Slapgate incident at the Oscars last year, it is presumed that The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air‘s name will be mentioned every time the most prestigious cinema awards come into action.

However, it is not the only thing Smith has made headlines for. If the Slapgate incident is eliminated, he is a decent man. In the modern world, where children are ahead of their parents, Smith has shown the world that he is not at all behind his children. And he has proven it by imitating one of his son’s music videos way back in 2018.

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How Will Smith replicated his son’s music video in 2018

4 years ago, Jaden Smith made a music video in collaboration with another rapper Logic, also known as Sir Robert Bryson Hall II. The video was called ‘Iconic’ and got quite popular among the fans. Shortly after the video was released, the Men in Black actor decided to impersonate Jaden from a separate video of his that was released.

In the Facebook video, Smith even decided to go for the whole look Jaden had in the video. However, he did add his own inputs to the video, like funny socks and slippers, through which somehow he was trying to do a moonwalk. Although by the end of the video, he said to his son, “I am proud of you, baby! One hundred million streams? Congratulations, man! Congrats, I love you.”

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Jaden Smith and Will Smith together make quite a good team. And they have shown this to the world by nailing it in The Pursuit of Happiness. As adorable as this father-son duo looked in the film, they were also acclaimed by the critics for their wonderful performances.

On the work front, Will Smith recently appeared in Apple TV+’s Emancipation, which was snubbed at the Oscars for any nomination, despite the positive response the film received, as reported by AppleInsider. Meanwhile, Jaden Smith is looking forward to his bright career in the field of music. Despite the slapgate, the relationship between the father-son duo has remained strong, with Jaden even standing up for the Bad Boys actor.

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