Throwback to the Time When Ariana Grande Spent a Casual Thursday Trying to Drag-Inspired Makeup

Throwback to the Time When Ariana Grande Spent a Casual Thursday Trying to Drag-Inspired Makeup

Experiments with makeup and giving oneself a new look have become one of the most interesting things on the internet. Putting on different kinds of stylish makeup and looking totally different is actually an art, and not everyone is an artist. But a famous and incredible singer, Ariana Grande, is surely an artist. She is also known for her stylish ponytail look and winged eyeliner. But once, earlier in 2022, she tried to give herself a new look.

While pursuing her acting career, Grande perfected her singing. And now we all know her for her insane upper register. Her flexibility in singing on upper and lower notes made her a unique musician. Even she got featured among Spotify’s most-streamed artists in 2022, too. But once, she threw her fans a surprise by putting on amazing experiential makeup.

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This is how once Ariana Grande spent her casual Thursday

Gottmik is a professional makeup artist and the first transgender man to compete on RuPaul’s Drag Race in America. Gottmik was famous for having a standout black-and-white beat, with an all-white base covering the face. It has thin drawn-on brows, black lips, and dark eyes, too. However the look seemed really amazing, but it is as much harder to recreate the iconic look. But the singer, enthusiastic about makeup and trying new looks, recreated that look. She also shared the pictures on her Instagram stories.

She wrote and tagged Gottmik, “I really want to be u but it’s just not…in the cards.” The 7 Rings singer even teased her followers by asking guess who didn’t know how to do drag makeup? In her stories once again, she tagged Gottmik expressing her love for the amazing artist.

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Now, how would you respond to a celebrity trying your iconic look? You’d be on cloud nine, right? Well, Gottmik didn’t let it go unnoticed. They reposted the stories by the singer and responded. Well, in an interview once, Gottmik said the kind of make excited them was crazy and over-the-top drag makeup. Because of their interest in painting, Gottmik decided they could do it on their face, too. And thus, the journey started.

Looking back at Grande’s makeup, would you like to see her do more of it? Share your creative thoughts about these makeup skills in the comment box below.

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