Throwback to the ‘Harry Squared’ Moment When UK’s Prince Harry Met With the Prince of Pop, Harry Styles

Throwback to the ‘Harry Squared’ Moment When UK’s Prince Harry Met With the Prince of Pop, Harry Styles

Every time we come across the name Harry, there are just two such personalities in the entire world who make their way to our minds in a spurt. For music enthusiasts, it, as a matter of fact, is none other than UK-born talent, the English singer-songwriter, Harry Styles. For genuine commoners, it is undoubtedly the UK Sovereign’s youngest son, professionally a British military officer, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex. 

Many are still unaware of the same, but have you thought of these two bumping into each other with the entire world watching them? For the record, the military Prince and the music Titan have met with each other not once but twice.

As reported by Time magazine, the most remarkable moment of the event was the two Harrys shaking hands at the Dunkirk premiere in the year 2017. The film veterans were invited to Kensington Palace to talk about their memories of the historic evacuation operation. Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk‘s iconic cast made their way into the Palace as the Harry Squared moment became the highlight of the day. 

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The former One Direction star was seen in high spirits as he laughed and chatted with the military Prince. It was evidently his first-ever role as an actor in the industry. He played the role of a young soldier named Alex in the movie who plays a vital role in keeping the Royal Navy safe from the German bombers. 

Charming battle of Prince Harry and the unofficial prince, Harry Styles 

Prior to the Dunkirk premiere, both stars graced us with another Harry Squared moment as they came together at the Royal Variety Performance of 2015. Back in the day, the singer was still very much a part of the world-famous band One Direction. Prince Harry was more than elated to hang out with the Prince of Pop on the glam night out in London.

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In fact, reports also suggest that the first-ever Harrys’ meeting was more of a hairy kind of situation.  The ginger-headed Prince asked in a funny gesture to the then-long-haired heartthrob about the last time he had a haircut. Styles from his part played along to answer, at least he was not planning to cut those off anytime soon.

We have not yet recovered from Prince Harry met Harry Styles moments, have you? Let us know in the comments below. 

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