Throwback to Ryan Reynolds Addressing His Stage Fear and ‘Symphony Vomit’

Throwback to Ryan Reynolds Addressing His Stage Fear and ‘Symphony Vomit’

We have all faced stage fright at some point in our lives. There are very few people who are so confident in themselves that they do not need any confidence boosters to face the stage. Many times, it happens that right before our entry, we get anxious and words do not come out of our mouths. After all, it is not easy to face a crowd. The constant fear of judgment and performance anxiety holds us back. But did you know that there could be several reasons for this stage fright? And sometimes, even megastars face it too. Can you imagine the star of the decade, Ryan Reynolds, having stage fright?

The actor, who has charmed us with his magical performances in nearly every film he does, was once frightened of going on stage. On February 28, 2022, an interview of Ryan with CBS Sunday Morning was covered by Rolling Stone, in which the actor talked about his anxiety and stage fear.

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Ryan Reynolds mentioned stage fear before late-night talk shows

It is not the first time Ryan Reynolds is opening up about his anxiety and the issues he has faced due to it. The actor has expressed his anxieties and showed his concern about how more people need to talk about their problems. Now that he is a well-established actor, he often talks back about the time when he was a newcomer and had major stage fear.

Remembering his old days, he talked about an incident when he thought he was going to die due to stage fear. Talking about the old late-night shows and citing an example of The Late Show with David Letterman the actor explained how nervous he used to be right before his appearance on the stage.

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He remembers standing behind the stage before the curtain opened and saying to himself that he is going to die right at that moment. “The curtain’s gonna open and I’m just gonna be, I’m just gonna be a symphony of vomit,” the actor said.

He felt like he knew something horrible is going to happen next. However, he also mentioned that as soon as the curtains would open, he felt like a “tiny man” would take over and he would go on stage as a totally different person.

Tell us in the comments if you have faced stage fear and how did you overcome it.


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