Throwback to Jimmy Fallon Hilariously Guessing “a Witch” When Sydney Sweeney Pointed To Herself During a Game of Charades

Throwback to Jimmy Fallon Hilariously Guessing “a Witch” When Sydney Sweeney Pointed To Herself During a Game of Charades

Sydney Sweeney is a multi-talented star and has tried her hand at many things. Be it acting, martial arts, or fixing cars, this 25-year-old has tried her hand at everything and mastered it. But she once tried her hand at something that she has never done before and turned out to be good at it.

After she got internationally popular as Cassie Howard in Euphoria, Sweeney went to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. There, she was joined by British actor Benedict Cumberbatch and American Rapper Tariq Trotter. Four of them played the game of charades, which apparently Sweeney had not played before. And in the process of explaining a film to Fallon, he called the Spokane native “a witch”.

Sweeney and Fallon paired up as a team, while the Sherlock actor and Trotter got together. When The White Lotus star’s turn to act came, she got the movie Beauty and the Beast. Smartly enough, she pointed toward herself in order to explain the word “beauty” to Fallon. She was making hand gestures to do so, but the 48-year-old host misunderstood it and called her “a witch”.

However, he eventually got what she was referring to by taking baby steps and guessing the words like, “woman, girl… a beautiful girl,” and eventually the word “beauty”. As soon as he guessed the word beauty, he immediately knew the film this 25-year-old was referring to. However, he did not want to be together initially with her for a reason.

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Why did Fallon not want Sydney Sweeney on his team?

The New York-based host initially did not want the Everything Sucks actress on his team. This was disclosed as he introduced her and mentioned that they were on the same team. And then he asked her that has she really never played the game before proceeding to tell the audience that she mentioned that to him backstage.

Following the question, the Reality actress said that she has never played the game before and opened up the secret of Jimmy Fallon to the audience. She told the audience that when she told him this behind the stage, he said, “I hope I am not on your team.”

However, they played well together and almost got all the films. Although they were defeated by Cumberbatch and Trotter in the final round of the game.

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