Throwback to Henry Cavill Dropping Much Needed Truth Bombs About Breakup Songs

Throwback to Henry Cavill Dropping Much Needed Truth Bombs About Breakup Songs

Breaking Up is Hard to Do.” Despite the upbeat rhythm and charming melody, this popular song by Neil Sedaka only tells the hard truth about heartbreak. There is rarely a person who can escape a break-up. The phenomenon takes the phrase “you can run but you cannot hide” too literally. Even Henry Cavill, aka Superman himself, wasn’t able to evade the inevitable parting of ways.

Everyone has their own coping mechanisms for break-ups. While many reach out to chocolates and other comfort foods, others drown themselves in work. However, for a majority of people, sad, melancholic songs are the way to go. In fact, that’s perhaps how the music industry makes most of its money. About 7 years ago, The Witcher actor incidentally ended up saying something really profound and hard-hitting regarding break-up songs. Let us find out what it was.

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Henry Cavill gives his two cents on break-up music

Granted, Cavill is currently in a loving relationship with his paramour Natalie Viscuso, but he too has gone through his fair share of splits. In fact, the actor has even been considerably open about breakups being tough on him. Back in 2015, The Man of Steel actor was busy promoting his spy film, The Man From U.N.C.L.E with Elizabeth Debicki, Alicia Vikander, and Armie Hammer.

In one of the interviews, the cast was asked to disclose their go-to post-break-up song. While actor Armie Hammer was quick to pick his preferred song Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve, Henry Cavill had a sage yet earnest declaration. In all honesty, he said,

Every song feels like a break-up song you’re broken up. If your heart’s broken every song is super sad.

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In the same year, Cavill also shared his experiences with ending relationships with The Inquirer. When asked about difficult periods of his life, The Enola Holmes actor had a relatable response.

Isn’t heartbreak always the hardest time no matter what you do?said Cavill.

Do you agree with Henry Cavill, or do you have a particularly sad song that helps you get through your heartache? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, with the release of Enola Holmes 2 nearing, a character and story refresher with part 1 on Netflix might just be what you need.

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