Throwback to Henry Cavill Discovering Shocking News About His Death With a Priceless Reaction

Throwback to Henry Cavill Discovering Shocking News About His Death With a Priceless Reaction

Henry Cavill died on March 3, 2018…. according to the internet. Globalization of the internet has made the world a better place, but at the same time, it has some terrible flaws that can traumatize you for a while. And this fake news about the British hunk made everyone, including him go into deep shock for a while.

Sounds confusing, right? So was Cavill when he learned this terrible news about himself because nobody informed him about his death. Hence, here is how the Man of Steel actorreacted to this fake news.

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Henry Cavill reacted hilariously to the news of his death

It goes back to the year 2018 when, just like any other celebrity, DCEU fans’ favorite Superman was googling his name. But as he landed on his page, he discovered that beneath his one-line intro, he had been declared dead by none other than Wikipedia. Cavill was shocked when he found out and immediately decided to react to it. He went on his Instagram and curated a post with a screenshot of the page that declared him dead. He also included a photograph of a surprised yet angry reaction with a visible frown.

According to The Indian Express, he posted this with the caption, “When you learn that you died two days ago…” Although this is not the first time the Internet has made this mistake. Rocky fame actor Sylvester Stallone was declared dead during the same timeline as Henry Cavill.

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On February 18, numerous social media rumors began to circulate, saying that Stallone had died. Most importantly, one of the many fake news mentioned that the actor had prostrate cancer and had kept his sickness hidden.

However, the 76-year-old actor immediately replied to the rumors by posting a screenshot of his fake death news on Instagram. He bluntly wrote the caption, “Please ignore this stupidity…Alive and well and happy and healthy…Still punching!” But in the case of the Superman actor, he is far too young to be declared dead. But that does not mean that the fake news of old and veteran actors should be circulated like that.

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