Throwback to Billie Eilish Reminiscing One Moment in Her Career She Will Never Forget

Throwback to Billie Eilish Reminiscing One Moment in Her Career She Will Never Forget

American pop icon and superstar Billie Eilish have had many such moments in her life that she will cherish forever. Starting her musical career at such an early age, the star has had innumerable live shows, concerts, and events where fans have given her some unforgettable moments. But did you know what was that one memory that the star would take to her deathbed?

In an interview with Buzzfeed, the Ocean Eyes singer was invited to answer some exciting questions based on her life’s journey so far. While playing with two adorable puppies, the star also had something to share about her core memories. Here is what she said.

Billie Eilish shares her career’s unforgettable memory so far

The host posed a question to Billie Eilish asking her about one memory she will never forget. Answering this the singer said, “probably midtown music in Atlanta”. Before stating this, she also mentioned that there have been lots of memories that hold equal importance to her. However, she chose what she held dearly to her heart. 

Stating the reason behind the midtown music in Atlanta, the star narrated the incident in awe reminiscing the past. She expressed amazement at how forty thousand people were screaming out all the lyrics that she wrote years ago in her bedroom. “Everyone at the festival was at my show singing my lyrics”, Eilish exclaimed. 

She further stated that it was unbelievable for her to this day. Apart from this, the star also answered some other questions about her first-ever song, her life’s most influential person, and so on. She lastly share her two cents on struggling with depression and anxiety and gave some tips on how to overcome it all. 

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Concerts crowds can go wild at times. Fans at live shows shower some overwhelming love and support for their favorite stars and singers and cherish it forever. Have you been a part of such a crowd ever? What is the most unforgettable memory in your life so far? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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