Throwback: Ryan Reynolds Hits Tom Holland With a Hilarious Response After the ‘Spiderman’ Actor Challenged Him

Throwback: Ryan Reynolds Hits Tom Holland With a Hilarious Response After the ‘Spiderman’ Actor Challenged Him

The pandemic was a difficult phase for everyone, whether a celebrity or an ordinary man. People tried to face that difficulty by passing their time on social media. During this time, a lot of different types of challenges also emerged. Not just that, many celebrities, too, challenged each other for such fun challenges, which ended up creating a buzz worldwide. One such challenge included Spiderman actor Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, and sweetheart of Canada, Ryan Reynolds.

Well, the shirtless handstand must have taken much practice and effort. And it makes sense that Spiderman can do it. He has been trained to climb walls for life. But what happened when Tom asked Jake and Ryan to perform the same stunt?

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Ryan Reynolds’ reaction is priceless

Jake played Quentin Beck/Mysterio in the second Spiderman film so that he might be familiar with these kinds of stunts Holland performs as Spiderman. He has an idea of what and how to perform these stunts. And surprisingly, Jake did it way better and smoother than Spiderman himself. He also mentioned a nearby company (Russ & Daughters) and then challenged his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Moving on to Deadpool, at first, he was shocked watching Tom do this. Ryan reacted to the video by gazing into his phone’s camera for 12 seconds before saying, “Noooo,” in a Deadpool voice.

Of course, Ryan was correct to think the challenge was a little unfair. Tom was trained in gymnastics and dancing when he was little. He is Spider-Man, too. However, Tom’s athleticism once got him into problems when he was coerced into doing a backflip on the set. He ultimately broke his nose! He acted as if all of this did not make sense to him.

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It goes without saying that the impossible task should only be taken cautiously and in the presence of a backup. Use a spotter at all times.

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However, you can watch Ryan do all kinds of stunts in his film Red Notice only on Netflix.


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