Throwback: Prince Harry’s Bracelets Had a Lot of Meaning When He Introduced Son Archie

Throwback: Prince Harry’s Bracelets Had a Lot of Meaning When He Introduced Son Archie

Prince Harry has amassed a huge following through his friendly nature, top-notch sense of style, and of course, by marrying Meghan Markle. While it is only after the Megxit that the Duke of Sussex has a legitimate reason to be discussed in the media owing to his best-selling memoir and docuseries, Prince Harry has been making fashion statements throughout his years in the limelight. More often, it is through his carefully chosen bracelets.

What one chooses to wear says a lot sometimes. And Prince Harry chooses to make a statement with his bracelets. During a pivotal moment in his life, as he held Prince Archie for the first time in his arms in front of the press, the Prince’s bracelet stole the show.

What does Prince Harry’s bracelet mean?

Prince Harry’s bracelet became the talk of the town when he wore it on his wrist while addressing the press for the first time since becoming a father. “Parenting is amazing,” the Duke of Sussex said as the camera zoomed in on his hand, trying to capture the baby’s face. While the face was not clearly visible on camera, Prince Harry’s bracelet became the highlight. And according to Hello magazine, he has been wearing it since 2001.

The Duke paired his gray suit with two bracelets that hold a lot of meaning. The bracelet that he often has on his arm is carved in metal. It supposedly traces back to his trip to Africa after Princess Diana’s death. The other band made up of beads is similar to the one that Markle often wears during their public appearances.

But Prince Harry’s saga with bracelets doesn’t end just there. He and Prince William have had a bracelet connection all along.

Do Prince Harry and Prince William have matching bracelets?

In a world that compares Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton because of similar outfits, many fail to notice how Prince Harry and Prince William have been doing the same for years. Albeit with bracelets.

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The metal bracelet that Prince Harry wears is very similar to the one Prince William owns. Although the brothers never addressed it openly, the bracelets recurrently made an appearance on their hands since their trip to Africa in 1997.

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