Throwback: Henry Cavill Nearly Lost His Eyes Perfecting the Geralr of Rivia for ‘The Witcher’

Throwback: Henry Cavill Nearly Lost His Eyes Perfecting the Geralr of Rivia for ‘The Witcher’

Every Henry Cavill fan is well aware of the fact that their favorite star is a huge gaming nerd. This is how he landed on Netflix’s The Witcher, in which he played the role of Geralt of Rivia to the utmost perfection. Clearly, the 39-year-old actor left no stone unturned in the preparation of his dream role, only to realize later that this preciseness came at a huge cost.

The Man of Steel actor wore colored lenses to look like his character in the show. Although Cavill thought the contacts were wonderful, he was advised to only wear them for a short period of time. It was because there was a good chance they might lead him to go blind if he was not cautious.

Henry Cavill in The Witcher
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Cavill even had an eye technician on the set who constantly warned him to take the lenses off. The technician warned him beforehand about the harmful aftereffects of wearing contacts for too long, but the Brit, being stubborn, did not seem to pay attention at first. But what happened that made the Enola Holmes actor take off the lens for good?

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Henry Cavill almost scratched his eyes

Even after repetitive warnings from his eye technician, the actor did not take off his contact lenses. He was obsessed with making his character look perfect and did not want to miss any detail. A major portion of the show was shot in the Canary Islands which are known to have an abundance of volcanic rock.

This resulted in the shooting atmosphere being very dusty. Speaking of dust, Cavill revealed to Metro, “It got in behind the contacts, so my eyes ended up being scratched.”

Initially, the actor thought his eyes were itchy because he was tired and not getting enough sleep. Apparently, his struggle with the lens was revealed when his technician saw him hiding in the shadows as he could not open his eyes because of extreme brightness.

The actor was so stubborn that even after going almost blind, he was not ready to take it down. It was then his technician had to come to the rescue and stop the shooting until he took them out. And that is how he was saved from being visionless.

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