Throwback: Blake Lively Had A Secret Message for Ryan Reynolds In Her 2018 Met Gala Attire

Throwback: Blake Lively Had A Secret Message for Ryan Reynolds In Her 2018 Met Gala Attire

Blake Lively, the All I See Is You star, has been the Belle of Met Gala for 9 years. Being a fashion diva for so long now, Lively had set the bars too high for other icons to keep up. With her heavenly designer attires and graceful personality, Hollywood A-lister, Ryan Reynolds’ wife has always nailed the most significant fashion events of all times. However, apart from the intricate and gorgeous works, there is something even more interesting associated with her gowns that we failed to notice.

The Met Ball of 2018 was a bit too special for Reynold’s family, as the woman of the house had a surprise for Ryan. If you look closer, Lively’s Versailles gown had a hidden message of love and respect for her husband.

Blake Lively gave her (then) family of four a sweet tribute that flaunted her husband, Ryan Reynolds

The Gossip Girl alum looked drop-dead gorgeous in her 2018 Gala look. Her gown was loaded with two sheer panels of red ruby with and a stunning gold embroidering. However, what carried the actual charm of the family was the blending clutch that wore initials of both Ryan and Blake. Before her massively loaded gown, that one could not take their eyes off of, we all failed to notice the small tribute for the then family of four, featuring the first letter of Blake, Ryan, James, and Inez’s names.

Along with the graceful outfit that took over 600 hours to make and the grand, symbolic accessories, she adorned a headpiece, emerald earrings, and lots of gold radiating a Game-of-Thrones-esque vibe. Hers was probably the best attire of all that did justice to the Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination theme set by the ball that year.

Sadly, the Deadpool star was unavailable at the event to witness the grandeur of his wife’s gorgeous looks. Nevertheless, Blake fulfilled his spot through her sweet yet glorious token of love that she carried with her all throughout the event.

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This year’s Met Gala was a level higher. The star outdid herself by adorning another jaw-dropping outfit that symbolised the whole of America.


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