3 Reasons Why ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ Can Defeat the Enigmatic ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ At the Oscars 2023

3 Reasons Why ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ Can Defeat the Enigmatic ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ At the Oscars 2023

Given the numerous awards lining up to the Oscars, one finds the anticipation wavering off as the same hits fill their bags with the same title, but at different awards. However, the Oscar is still considered to be the make or break. The Will and the Rock that most of the pioneers of cinema aim for. This is why netizens think it is very important that a movie like All Quiet on the Western Front makes the final cut.

The flick has bagged nine nominations at the Oscars. Including the Best Picture. However, the gloomy grandeur of Malte Grunert stands against the sequel of James Cameron’s magnum opus Avatar: The Way of Water, the lucky draw winner that Everything Everywhere All at Once has proven to be, Elvis, and the magic of Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick among other strong nominations. Despite the hurdles, All Quiet on the Western Front can still emerge as a dark horse at the Oscars.

All Quiet on The Western Front can win Best Picture at the Oscars 2023

1. Underdog

All Quiet on the Western Front is another rendition of Eric Mariah Remarque’s novel of the same name brought to life by Edward Berger. Netflix introduced the original German movie to the masses after spending barely enough time at the box office. Had the success of this masterpiece not become evident through the nominations and the ample excellent reviews online, the above-stated facts would have proven to be cons.

Thankfully for All Quiet on the Western Front, the Academy Awards of late have been thriving on applauding the underdog. Oscar awards have been breaking the notion that a western film has a higher chance of winning, for instance, Parasite and Roma. Therefore, the anti-war flick not only being German but a Netflix-powered movie gives it the much-needed underdog spark that the Oscars love.

2. No Heroes on the Western Front

The movie’s rise to unprecedented glory was not set on one particular protagonist. All Quiet on the Western Front without imposing a sense of community ends up doing so by not having a hero.

Edward Berger corrected the faults in the stars of movies surrounding war by doing away with characters that boast of sacrifice and nationalism. It does not glorify the army, the death of the enemy, or the victory of a nation, and hence excels in nailing its point.

3. Cinematography

Apart from the underdog aspect, another recurrent theme in Best Picture winners at the Academy award is the weaving of excellent cinematography to add stars to the storyline. And All Quiet on the Western Front does just that.

The anti-war movie excelled without any punchlines or zingers as it made sure that each pan of the camera spoke louder than words.

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