3 Films Will Smith Rejected That Later Turned Out to Be Blockbusters

3 Films Will Smith Rejected That Later Turned Out to Be Blockbusters

Will Smith undoubtedly makes up the list of the most marvelous Hollywood actors. With his versatile acting skills and perfect selection of roles, he has gained a huge fanbase all over the world. It barely happens that any of his movies do not do well at the box office, when let alone his name is enough to promote them. However, the 54-year-old actor does not accept every film offer he gets and has rejected quite a few films in his career.

There is almost no actor who has accepted all the offers made to him or her. And if the actor is someone as huge as the Fresh Prince, there are massive chances he has been offered numerous roles, many of which he might have turned down. But the main question is, were there any strong roles he might have rejected?

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Roles Will Smith might have regretted turning down

The Emancipation actor has a magnetic presence and an innate talent to enthrall the audience with his energy and humor. But in the end, it is difficult for him to turn down parts that don’t seem right. Smith has declined a fair number of movie opportunities over the years, whether it was because of schedule issues, artistic disagreements, or just a gut instinct. But the three most important roles he rejected might shock you.

1. The Matrix

1999 sci-fi, action megahit The Matrix, which became widely popular because of its unique storyline, was one of the most popular films Smith rejected. The reason behind his rejecting this “Man vs. Machine” film was that he did not understand the script back then. The role was later offered to Keanu Reeves, who also starred in the other parts of this superhit film franchise.

2. Phone Booth

Being counted as one of the most intriguing and interesting psychological thrillers of all time, Phone Booth is one of the films the Aladdin actor rejected because of his gut instinct. According to Movie Web, Smith did not believe in the story arc of the villain and ultimately the role was passed to Colin Farrell.

3. Rush Hour

Yet another classic of all time, the action comedy stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. This film became such a huge hit among the fans that three sequels to it have been made since 1998, and more are in progress. The reason behind Smith’s rejection of this film was not wanting to star in another buddy-cop movie.

It was fair as just three years ago; he did Bad Boys, which became a milestone in his career. He was trying various roles at that time and hence rejected Rush Hour.

Even though he rejected these classics, the actor has done quite a lot of superhit films in his 38-year-long career. For his film King Richard, he even won the most prestigious film award, the Oscar. Overall, he has done some pretty good films like Man in Black, The Pursuit of Happyness, Bad Boys for Life, Focus, and many more.

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