‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Isn’t the Only Big Upcoming Chris Hemsworth Movie, Netflix Has a Genre-Bending Psychological Thriller Lined Up

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Isn’t the Only Big Upcoming Chris Hemsworth Movie, Netflix Has a Genre-Bending Psychological Thriller Lined Up

Chris Hemsworth is surely spoiling his fans this year! After the big announcement of Thor: Love and Thunder, the actor is going to star in another big-budget movie. Is it another Marvel movie starring Thor? Getting two Thor movies in a year would have been a real treat, but Marvel isn’t so generous. So, the answer is unfortunately no. But his next film project is a genre-bending psychological thriller. 

His next project will mark his second collaboration with Netflix. In the film, he plays a brilliant visionary running state-of-the-art penitentiary. It is based on George Saunders’ short story, Escape from Spiderhead, published in the New Yorker. 

What is the plot of Spiderhead?

Spiderhead is a chilling tale about how even good intentions can lead to some dark consequences. Steve Abnesti runs a prison that is unlike any other prison. It has no bars, no cells, or even no uniforms for the inmates. The inmates are given a choice: serve the entire sentence or take part in a scientific experiment for a reduced sentence.

Those who take part in the scientific experiment are injected with psychedelic drugs that alter their mental and emotional state. Steve’s mad experiments sometimes don’t bring out the desired results and lead to chaos. Two of Steve’s guinea pigs, Jeff and Lizzy figure out that something nefarious is afoot and team up to save each other. 

Is there a trailer?

Nope. The streamer has not released any trailer yet. We reckon the trailer will arrive sometime in May. Usually, Netflix drops the trailer a month before the premiere. But enjoy the first look images.


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Who are the cast members of Spiderhead? 

  • Chris Hemsworth 
  • Miles Teller
  • Jurnee Smollett
  • Nathan Jones
  • Tess Haubrich
  • Charles Parnell
  • Bebe Bettencourt 
  • Daniel Bollo

Joseph Kosinski is directing the thriller. His notable projects include TRON: Legacy and the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick. Paul Wernick (Deadpool, Zombieland) and Rhett Reese worked on the screenplay. The Thor actor is also producing the adaptation.

When will the Chris Hemsworth movie arrive on Netflix?

Spiderhead release is less that two months away. It will hit the platform on June 17. 

Are you up for more Chris Hemsworth this year? We so are!

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