THIS Tweet Just Aptly Describes Darlene’s Mood in Ozark

THIS Tweet Just Aptly Describes Darlene’s Mood in Ozark

Some characters always leave an impression on us for a lifetime. You might love the character or hate it, but without them the series feels incomplete. Darlene from Ozark is a perfect example of this, as the character is too entertaining to not have. So, let us look at Darlene’s contribution to the latest season of Ozark.

Lisa Emery played the role of Darlene, and she did a wonderful job making everyone hate the character equally. One Twitter user perfectly represented Darlene’s mood throughout the series. 

Disclaimer: As we move ahead, we enter the spoiler zone, so if you have not watched Ozark season 4 part 1, please retreat.

Darlene’s mood summed up

Darlene Snell has been the main antagonist from the start of the series. But as the series progressed, fans grew to dislike her, and of course, her actions never helped her case. One character trait that symbolized Darlene was her quick temper, which resulted in a lot of deaths. However, Twitter users had no remorse as they made fun of Darlene’s dark side, much like Darlene herself after killing anyone.

Katie Shield’s hilarious tweet got over 1K likes and retweets. Ozark fans have flooded Twitter with memes based on Darlene and her affection for guns. However, there won’t be any more meme-worthy moments from the crazy character as Javi killed her.

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The death of Darlene in Ozark

Darlene’s death resulted from her stubbornness to continue her heroin business, after warnings from Javi. Fans even blame Darlene for Wyatt’s death, as he was only helping her. However, Wyatt’s death has acted as a plot catalyst, which would fuel the second part of season four. Fans will have to wait and see whether Ruth goes head-on against Javi or waits and plans.

Darlene was a bad person, and no one is denying that. But writers added one point that gained her fans’ sympathy. Darlene cannot have a child. Thus, Darlene treats Ash as her son, but Jacob murders him, and she has to try for adoption. However, Darlene’s attempt for adoption does not bear any results.

Did Darlene’s death affect you? Who is your favorite character in Ozark? Let us know in the comments.

Ozark is currently streaming on Netflix. Catch the latest season as you wait for the last 7 episodes of the series.

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