This ‘The Ultimatum’ Star Is Still Single and Spent the Months Post Shoot Focusing On Himself

This ‘The Ultimatum’ Star Is Still Single and Spent the Months Post Shoot Focusing On Himself

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On never failed to surprise us. The contestants made sure to bring drama, chaos, and emotion with them. Six established couples came to the show but only a few of them managed to go back together. So, in The Ultimatum reunion episode, all the cast of the show came together under one roof to talk about their experience and where they were now.

There are so many things that surprise us, starting with the concept of the show. The Ultimatum brings six couples, where one partner has given an ultimatum to their partner: Marry or Move on. As part of the process, the couples have a brief separation and lead a “married” life with another contestant. Obviously, a lot of drama happened because of it. However, what surprised many viewers and fans was the romantic spark that seemed to develop between two contestants: Jake and Rae.

The journey is almost complete for the cast members, but they still have to sit with host Nich and Vanessa Lachey for one last time and talk their hearts out. Jake and Rae also joined the reunion episode to explain what is going on in their lives. Are they still together?

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What The Ultimatum reunion revealed about Jake and Rae

Jake and his girlfriend, April, come into the show together, and Rae entered the show with her long-term boyfriend, Zay. As per the show’s rules, Jake and Rae paired up for the trial marriage, while Rae paired up with Shanique and April with Colby. Unlike many other pairings, Jake and Rae seemed to really connect with each other romantically.

Later, Rae and her boyfriend broke off their relationship, which eventually became nasty, dramatic, and chaotic. So, fans believed that these two will definitely end up together. But did they?

Apparently not.

Turns out, Jake Cunnigham spent the last six months (after the shoot wrapped) in therapy, working on himself. Both he and Rae realized that both of them needed some healing after their respective split from long-term partners.

So, did they end up on that trip?

In the show, Jake gave Rae an envelope and said, “You deserve the world. You deserve everything. Hopefully, one day I can give that to you. I’m gonna propose something to you. Two tickets, anywhere in the world. Me and you just living life.”

But unfortunately, they did not end up going on that trip. Jake and Rae are still friends. In the reunion episode, Rae revealed, “I think that we kind of came to a consensus that everybody needed more time to heal.”

So, their current status is: not together. Jake is single and Rae recently came out as a bisexual and is in a relationship with someone.

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