This The Sandman And Stranger Things Parallel Will Leave You On Floor For Its Accuracy

This The Sandman And Stranger Things Parallel Will Leave You On Floor For Its Accuracy

The Sandman arrived with a boom on Netflix attaining about 70 million view hours on the first day. This Neil Gaiman’s legendary comic adaptation was hyped after the first glimpse. Since the comic fans eagerly waited to watch the thrilling journey of Dream. While threats of death and horror kept looming in Hawkins city of Stranger Things. Both the worlds are on the verge of destruction where Vecna and Lucifer have their eyes set on the protagonists. But did you notice a very interesting similarity between both these supernatural shows? It’s the little but smart sister of Lucas Sinclair, Erica, and the kind sibling of Morpheus, Death. Let’s give you an insight into the connection the two main characters hold.

The Sandman Death and Erica of Stranger Things have same opinion about their brothers

The official page of Netflix Geeked shared a post on Twitter saying: “I strongly feel like Death and Erica Sinclair would get along”. The post stated how both the characters have similar thoughts when it comes to their brothers.

“He’s my brother and he’s an idiot,” the picture showed Death’s dialogue from The Sandman. Their bittersweet dynamic with their brothers is one of the best moments that fans adore. Erica being the intelligent and challenging sister laughs at Lucas’s dumb actions.

Whereas Death who comes to visit his brother finds him ranting about his uselessness in The Sandman. She encourages him to find a new purpose because this is what they have been doing since the creation of the universe. Like, any big sister she shows him the path but also scolds Dream for being so distant.

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“You are utterly the stupidest, most self-centered, pathetic excuse for an anthropomorphic personification on this or any other plane,” said Death. Because he didn’t even think to call his sister when he was stuck for a century in that house. And now he just being sad after The Dreaming has been restored and he has no purpose.

Erica Sinclair’s rudeness is her way of showing love for her brother

Although we have seen Lucas and Erica fighting most of the time yet, certainly, they stand together in danger. For instance, in season 4 of Stranger Things, we saw Erica help Lucas in binding the weapons. Lucas asks why she always comes to see his basketball match when don’t like him. To which she replied:

“Well, even though you’re a bench riding loser, you’re still my brother”.

Her annoying comments on him show how original sibling relationship they both share. Where they can always tease or support each other no matter what happens. Both the sisters have their way to show their concern for their brothers.

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However, the majority of the part includes calling them stupid and dumb. But that’s what sisters love to do. Do you like the annoying connection between siblings? Leave your comments below!

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