“This man’s a maniac”- Wrexham Official Calls Out Ryan Reynolds for His Hasty and Unencumbered Behavior With the Club

“This man’s a maniac”- Wrexham Official Calls Out Ryan Reynolds for His Hasty and Unencumbered Behavior With the Club

Ryan Reynolds is a man of many credits. Despite having a successful career in acting, he is also a profitable businessman. From having a stake in a Gin producing company to owning a mobile company, the Deadpool actor is a multi-industry genius. He is also the co-owner of the oldest Welsh Soccer team, Wrexham A.F.C., along with Rob McElhenney. While Ryan is highly focused on making Wrexham the very best, the actor once unknowingly revealed a big secret about the club.

Ryan, as we all know, is a hilarious person. His witty nature and comical persona know no bounds. The Deadpool actor always adds a bit of fun to whatever he does. And recently, Ryan carelessly leaked some confidential information about Wrexham to the fans. But what did he do? Let us find out.

Ryan Reynolds accidentally spills the beans about Wrexham AFC

Wrexham A.F.C. has become a hot topic since Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney purchased the club in February 2021. Thanks to the docu-series, Welcome To Wrexham, the popularity of the club has skyrocketed. Recently, the director of the football club, Humphrey Ker, revealed how Ryan’s one move on Instagram leaked a piece of news about the club before the official announcement.

Previously, when Wrexham signed striker Elliot Lee, Ryan followed the player on Instagram before the club officially announced the signing. Fans quickly noted Ryan’s activity and got the hint before an official announcement from the club. Recently, Humphrey Ker broke out this interesting story on Twitter. Ker added, “This man’s a maniac” when Reynolds revealed he would do the same thing again.

Elsewhere in the video, Humphrey revealed how Wrexham fans are very actively following the owners’ activity on Instagram to keep track of the transfer market. Apart from that, Ryan also had a hilarious scene in one of the episodes of Welcome To Wrexham. Interestingly, Ryan had no idea that the scene would be a part of the show and he was completely stunned when he saw it. As of late, Welcome To Wrexham is on its eighteenth episode.

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