THIS Is What Arnold Schwarzenegger Worked In Before Becoming a Superstar

THIS Is What Arnold Schwarzenegger Worked In Before Becoming a Superstar

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a huge name in the 80s. The megastar of his times first came out as another bodybuilder but later on established himself as a heartbeat of the American audience. But did you know what he did before appearing in the films? On one hand, when most of the American stars were refusing to work on US commercials, they were happily doing them for the Japanese. We are talking about the 80s here. This was the time when Arnold was new in the industry.

Schwarzenegger did an immensely popular advertisement in the late 80s, which is today considered as hilariously ridiculous. But what was it all about?

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What made Arnold Schwarzenegger do this absurd advertisement?

What is really astonishing is Schwarzenegger’s ultimate rise to the top of Hollywood. To begin with, he was not even a native speaker of English. He did not always have the amount of cinematic charm he subsequently acquired, as seen in the film of his Hercules in New York. You can clearly spot the difference between the edited and the original voice.

However, what is more surprising is that Arnold gained immense popularity at the beginning of the 80s. And by the end of the decade, he became a household name. While he was at the peak of his popularity, he once did a commercial for a Japanese energy drink. The advertisement which looks ridiculous today was once a huge hit. The commercial begins with a Japanese girl dressed as the bottle of the drink. Moving on, Schwarzenegger appears as the head of that bottle that eventually opens up.

Appearing on the Japanese Billboard as the model for a brand-new Japanese drink would have been a big boost for a struggling actor like Schwarzenegger. But the question that requires brainstorming here is why would the star do such an absurd advertisement. The reason behind this was explained by M&F magazine, according to which, doing the commercial was good money for the former Mr. Olympia. The magazine also mentions that there was no such thing as social media back then, so the chances of an American audience coming across this ad were pretty low.

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Years later, however, something called the internet will eventually bust him in the future, and we now have a delightfully hilarious ad to look back at. Have you seen this ad before? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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