“This is the first role I’ve really led” – Millie Bobby Brown Talks About How ‘Enola Holmes’ Has Brought Significant Change in Her Life

“This is the first role I’ve really led” – Millie Bobby Brown Talks About How ‘Enola Holmes’ Has Brought Significant Change in Her Life

Nancy Springer’s Enola Holmes is back on London streets with a new story that explores the theme of female empowerment. This new chapter depicts the real-life matchgirls’ strike of 1888, so viewers get to experience the oppression women faced at that time. Millie Bobby Brown is reprising the role of a young detective who is determined to prove her worth.

And according to the sneak peeks, it is confirmed that the story is darker and more mysterious this time. The British actress who has also contributed as executive producer in both chapters of the franchise got the chance to see things from both perspectives. And she recently talked about how Enola Holmes has brought a significant change in her life.

Enola Holmes has been a transformative journey for Millie Bobby Brown 

Director Harry Bradbeer and actress Millie Bobby Brown recently sat down with Deadline to talk about Enola Holmes 2. During the conversation, they were asked what did they discovered about themselves while making the two films.

In her response, the Stranger Things star praised the director for bringing his expertise and knowledge in the movie. She said that Bradbeer is always attentive to details and put all his efforts when he creates something. So having him around was very helpful, as he also guided her how to enact things when it comes to breaking the fourth wall.

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“This is a very big pivotal moment within my career and my life. This is the first role I’ve really led,” explained the teenage star.

Moreover, it was a dream come true experience for Brown, since she had stepped into filmmaking with this movie. Therefore, as a young person, she got to learn many things that how things work behind the screen. Producing both the films has really helped the actor to understand the ins and outs of how a storyline is complied beautifully.

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What do you think about Millie Bobby Brown getting to know the world of producing a film? Tell us your views in the comment section. Enola Holmes 2 will be available to stream from tomorrow exclusively on Netflix.

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